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Delivery Day

Delivery Day

This is delivery day.  Tracking numbers show three boxes arriving and all three required signatures.  I’m not going anywhere until they are here.

I’ve discovered one of the new security cameras are useful for watching for deliveries.  Because it can see the delivery door, I can watch for movement at the door.  In fact, it even displays a popup box saying, “Movement Detected at…”


Canon’s CPS (Canon Professional Services) is worth the money if you qualify.  I can send my cameras and lenses off to Canon for a free cleaning and checkup annually.  The cleanings alone are worth it.  You can also borrow equipment for a couple of days at a time.

Both camera bodies arrived back today.  No issues found, and they got them all cleaned and serviced.

B and H

Another box arrived from B&H with upgraded equipment.  I’m blogging about that on my company website.  You can go there and read about it.  You can find out what this little doohickey is.

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Unusual Tool

There will be more to follow on my company’s blog.

Route 66

I met with Paul Bardotz regarding Route 66.  We reviewed our reservations and plans.

We’ve added a countdown timer on our itinerary page.  You can view it here.

We’re not letting the lack of sponsors discourage us.  I have confidence that once we start this trip, there will be companies who wish they would have got on board with us.