Daily Archives: June 7, 2017

My Day

My Day

It’s my day.  It’s my day to do what I need to do before my schedule becomes so hectic I cannot.  One appointment cancelled, and it was my only appointment for the day, so today becomes mine.

At times I wonder if I should schedule “me days”.  These would be days for me to accomplish things I’ve been putting off because of other responsibilities.  It’s a serious problem with guardian personality types.  We tend to put other’s needs before our own.  While some may see this as an admirable trait, it an lead to guardian to exhaustion.  A common question asked by therapists of guardians is, “You take care of everyone around you, but who takes care of you?”

So, for my own mental health, I declare today My Day.

New Phone

I received my new phone today.  I went from 1GB RAM/5GB (usable) FLASH to 4GB RAM/64GB FLASH, a larger screen, and a cool metallic gold case (matches my hp Tablet I got for Painter).  Initialization was quick and easy.  I grew tired of messages stating I was “out of memory”.

I can tell you why I bought a phone with only 5GB of usable memory.  It was because I thought all of the apps could be stored on the microSD card.  Wrong.  I know better now.

It’s super thin, and twice now it has slide out of my hand because of the thinness and slick case.  I’m ordering a protective case.   I found one on Amazon for only $3.99!!!

Business Stuff

Even though it is a day for me to get stuff done, I still have to work.  I managed to take care of some studio office work, but at least it was enjoyable office work.  When the business goes through updating technology, I always have fun.  It was like those days at AT&T when I’d place orders for new routers and switches.