First Monday Rained

First Monday Got Rained Upon

Our First Monday got rained upon before we finished.  We made it back to the house just in time.  The sky went from a sunny f16 to a heavy overcast f2.  (You photographers will get it.)

We walked down to the village, took some photos inside the Book of Mormon Publication Site, and were just starting to head east.  The sky darkened very quickly and we turned and headed back to the house.

Reflector Project

I bought this 12″ pop-up softbox.  It folds up into a 4″ puck, but pops out into a 12″ x 2″ softbox.  Inside is elastic to hold it on a speedlight.

My immediate thought was, “Why not a 2′ x 3′ softbox?”

We headed to JoAnne’s to purchase some silver lame fabric.  I ended up buying both silver and gold so it can be reversible.  In addition I picked up all the other little odds and ends for the project.

When I get it built I guess I’ll have to call the missionaries and ask them to stop by for a portrait.  (Missionaries are great for this because their parents always appreciate nice photos.)

Brush Trimmer

My brush trimmer arrived.  It’s 40v battery powered and about 10′ long with a 2′ long blade.  Immediately I put the battery on the charger.

A while later it was charged and I took it for a test drive.  While it is hard work wielding this thing, it works efficiently.  I cut down several saplings and trimmed that obnoxious rose bush between our house and the neighbors driveway.