Elder Dudley

Elder Dudley

I’m not real familiar with Elder Dudley, but he presided over our stake conference tonight.  He was the final speaker, and I like the guy.  He has a kindness about him that’s refreshing.

I was organist for this session.  As organist, you get to see the backs of people’s heads when they speak.  There are times I really couldn’t tell you what the speaker looked like.  I could pass them in the hall leaving the chapel and not even know they were the speaker.


The day started with my mowing the lawn.  I got done and Elizabethe said, “It only took you 4 hours today.”

Yeah, 4 hours.  I bet I could have done it in 2 had I not been using the grass catcher.  As a result, I spend half the time emptying the catcher.

Elizabethe has me adding the clippings to portions of the garden as weed control.  Hey, if it works, I’m all for less weeds.  Because the grass forms a dense mat as it starts to decay, it works well for a while.

The catcher only clogged twice.  Both times was because of a weed that’s growing in the yard.  My attempt to mow the weed didn’t workout as well as planned.

Catchweed Bedstraw

This noxious weed, catchweed bedstraw, is all over the backyard.  I need to find a way to  control it so it isn’t controlling us.  The stuff sticks to anything that touches it.  I don’t know if it propagates through runners, clippings or seeds.

I need to do some research on this plant.  It’s one of the nastiest weeds I’ve ever come across.