Daily Archives: June 1, 2017

June June June

June June June

Yes, it is June.  I want to stand up and sing, “June June June, Just because it’s June!  June! June!”  But, I won’t.

My day started with a networking meeting.  Our numbers are declining.  I find it so very odd that such a great business tool is ignored by so many business owners.  Perhaps they are too busy making money, in which case, good for them.  They don’t need us.  But, if they aren’t making money, they are fools not to join us.


Around lunch time I got a call from a law firm looking for a photographer to take pictures at exactly 5:24 p.m. today.  I hesitated at first because I have a client coming at 6 p.m.  But, when I found out where they needed the pictures, I thought, ‘I can make it back in time.’

Everything went swimmingly well.  The attorney met me at the scene, dictated what he wanted to see in the photos, and before long we were done.

I made it back to my studio on time.  My client was running late due to an accident, and everything came together just fine.

The Shoot

The photo shoot went well.  This will be more fodder for paintings.  This young lady had the look of a young princess and the clothes to go along with that theme.

She brought two dresses, and both were perfect for the theme.  We spent 1 hour photographing her in the first dress, and then an hour in the second dress.  It worked out perfectly.