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Here it is Friday and I’m drained.  This bug I got has me worn down.  I told Elizabethe our date night will be renting a movie and having Nima’s deliver calzones.

We watched a couple of movies on Amazon.  Nothing spectacular.  One of the movies was about a woman who was sued by a Holocaust denier.  It was a decent movie.  During the movie Elizabethe Googled about the man who sued her.  He is banned in several countries because of his teachings about Hitler and the Holocaust.

I did nothing today except rest.  As a result, I’m anxious about getting things done.  It is a Catch-22.  When I try to rest, I feel anxious because I’m not getting any work done.  When I work, it wears me out and I don’t get better.

What’s a person to do?

The Ideal Camera Bag

I keep searching Amazon and eBay for the ideal camera bag.  Nobody makes it.  I don’t understand why they don’t.

Am I an out-of-the-box thinker?

Perhaps, but here’s the criteria and it isn’t unique to me…

A photographer on the road with his camera wants his bag on the seat where it is easy to access.  Roller bags have to lay flat, and because of this, they take up a lot of space.

When you are rolling it around and need to access it, you must access it by laying it down.  That’s a pain and requires room to do so.

What if there is a roller bag when standing up, you can access it from the top.  AND, when it is laying down you can access it from the front.

I found one, but it is a smaller bag.  I might get it just because it will work when I travel light.

New Postcards

We received 4 new postcard designs today.  The Smith Home and Hale Home in Harmony, Susquehanna River and the Kirtland Temple.

copyright 2017 db walton

Isaac Hale’s Home

Kirtland Temple

Susquehanna River, Harmony

Joseph and Emma’s home in Harmony


Day Two of Re-roofing

Day Two of Re-roofing

It is day two of re-roofing.  They have torn off the west side of the main roof, and starting on the east side.  As things would have it, it started to rain so they cut things short.

I will be excited to see what it looks like when they start putting the steel on the roof.  Right now, it’s a mess.

Elizabethe’s Cold

I think I’m catching whatever Elizabethe had.  It feels odd.  Almost like thrush, but way back in my throat.  It’s mostly irritating.

Next Two Days

Tomorrow and Saturday I have a clean schedule.  I hope to be able to catch up on things.  They say it will rain both days so there goes mowing the lawn.

I have some Route 66 things to do too.  Time is flying quickly.  I hope to pick up more sponsors.  I realized today I need to push it as an advertising opportunity, and not simply a money-grab.  Anyone who sponsors us will get mention during the Route 66 Tour.

I had one potential send me to a PDF link that was for schools and clubs.  I wrote them back and explained this is an advertising opportunity, not a club looking for equipment.  They referred me to a different page.  Now I need to complete that request for information.

Re-roofing Starts

Re-roofing Starts

Re-roofing starts today.  I will be nice to get those leaks stopped.  At first, I thought the guy who lives upstairs was making a lot of noise.  Then, it hit me… They started on the roof!!!

I dashed outside and they were ripping the old shingles off.  It hasn’t got as messy as I thought it would.  They are being pretty clean about this tearoff.

Lunch At Tom’s

I had lunch at Tom’s today.  He’s starting to get a little difficult to direct when we go out in public.  I stopped at Dutchland Foods and bought sandwiches, cookies and lemonade.  We at out by their pond.  It was great weather for a picnic.  And, when Tom spills, the critters can come and eat it.

After our lunch I came home and got ready for a portrait session tonight.  President Evans and his family are all in town so they want me to do a family portrait.

The Evans’ Portrait Session

The portrait session went well.  They have 5 children – 4 girls and a boy.  They are a fun group.  After we photographed the family we did the children, President and Sister Evans, and then individual pictures.

I used my new AD200s in TTL mode.  They work nicely.  Better than Canon equipment.

OpenGL Blues

OpenGL Blues

I’ve got the OpenGL blues.  My laptop I use for administration stuff is about 6 years old now.  I bought it before I retired from AT&T.  It’s been a good laptop, and by today’s standards, it is still pretty decent – fast, reliable, well made.  However, there is one problem.  The OpenGL drivers for the video chipset are no longer supported.  This means a bunch of new software will not even run on it.


I really don’t want to buy a new laptop.  However, I just might.

Lenovo disappoints me.  Drivers aren’t that difficult to create (I know, I used to write them).


The temple tonight was moderately busy.  Either my allergies are bothering me, or I caught what Elizabethe had this weekend.  As a result, my head was a bit fuzzy while trying to concentrate on the temple ordinances.

Corel Painter 2018

I attended a webinar where they announced Corel Painter 2018.  I guess the update path has gone from 18 months down to 12 months.  It’s still cheaper than Adobe’s Creative Cloud scam.  At least with Corel I can choose not to upgrade, and my old software will keep working.  Adobe, if you cancel your Creative Cloud account at the end of your 12 months you’re out of luck.

En Plein Air

En Plein Air

En plein air means to paint outdoors.  I’ve been planning on doing this, but on my tablet, ever since I bought a tablet for this purpose.  Today was perfect for it.  It wasn’t too hot, too cold, or raining.

At least, I thought it wasn’t going to rain.

I worked on my painting until it started to sprinkle.  Not wanting to get caught a 1/4 mile away from my car I packed up and headed back to the car and drove home.  Shortly after arriving at home, it started to pour.

Good decision!

copyright 2017 db walton

Smith Farm

Subway at Walmart

I suggested we grab a sandwich at Subway.  Elizabethe wanted to go to the one at Walmart because they have Slurpees.  We get there, and the machine is down.  (I knew we shouldn’t have gone to Walmart.  That said, it was my first time in a Walmart in about… what… 4 or 5 years?)

I later went to Breen’s to get some ice cream.  They are selling Blue Bunny.  It’s very good ice cream!

Why in the world are they not selling 2 quart containers?  Blue Bunny isn’t even 1.5 quarts.

What’s up with that ice cream companies?

Give us back our 1/2 gallon containers!!!



Pageant 2017 Choir

Pageant 2017 Choir

Our ward choir began practicing for pageant 2017.  We’re performing one number.  A ward choir normally sings one number, but many members are still accustomed to the old oratorio they used to perform two Sundays in a row.  (Personally, I’m glad they went away from that.  Sacrament meeting isn’t the place for a “performance”.)

Sacrament Meeting Today

Our sacrament meeting today was about adversity.  Brother David Huber talked about Job, and then Becca and Matt Baker talked.

We then had a Sunday School lesson by Matt Baker and a Priesthood Lesson by David Huber.  That’s not coincidental.

In Priesthood David said something that’s so true.  His words were to the effect, “You can’t be holy if you’re not attending church every week.”  (That is supported by D&C section 59.)

I’ve watched many people leave the church over my lifetime.  Some, in their inactivity from the church, claim they are still close to God.  They need to re-read section 59.

Doubt your doubts is one of the best things I’ve heard in this matter.  Elder Bednar told us when we have doubts, we should doubt them and their source.  I remember the Salamander Letter.  It raised some doubts, but overall, what had been revealed to me overroad my doubts.  In the end, all was good.


Two Shoots

Two Shoots

Two shoots before 10am.  This is a first.  I typically open the studio to appointments at 10am.  Today was an exception.

An assignment to get photos of youth leaders with their youth  required me to be at the church at 6:30am this morning.  I had enough time to go get breakfast after that, and then it was a group portrait at 8:50am.

That’s how Saturdays go for a professional photographer.  As I tell people, Sundays and Mondays are my weekend.  Saturdays are often the busiest day.


Elizabethe is still feeling under the weather like she has a cold.  We had talked about possibly going to dinner tonight since she was too sick yesterday.  However, she’s not up to going out tonight either.

I still think it might be allergies.  Mine have been bad lately.

Organizing Part II

The previous week we organized my side of the bedroom.  The work isn’t complete.  I went to Lowe’s searching for something I can use… something I will use.

I found a tool carrier and I bought it to give it a try.  The out of sight, out of mind, still applies.  In fact, that concept bit me last night when I was looking for batteries for my Canon 5D Mk II.  When I found them they were in a shoebox.  When we were organizing the room, Elizabethe thought my camera odds and ends would fit nicely in this heavy duty shoebox.  She told me.  She showed me.  But, when it came time to look for them… they might as well have been buried 10 feet underground.


No Date Night

No Date Night

No date night tonight.  Elizabethe is feeling under the weather.  She believes it is a cold; I think it is hay fever.  Either way, she doesn’t feel up to going out.

July 3rd Prep

What’s with the July 3rd prep?

I’m having a First Monday Event on the theme of smoke bombs again.  I’ve been looking for smoke bombs at local fireworks stands.  I’ve discovered TNT Fireworks really blew it.  They DON’T have SMOKE BOMBS.    What’s up with that TNT?

Barely Legal brand does.  In fact, you can pick your duration from about 4 seconds to about 2.5 minutes.  Of course, you pay more for longer burns.

Route 66 Prep

Route 66 prep is a little more involved.  I have limited space, but lots of things I’d like to bring.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip and I want to be fully prepared.  At the same time, I have Paul’s equipment and luggage to be concerned with too.

This will be the longest trip I’ve ever taken, and the most miles I’ve driven in a single trip.  We’re only shy 360 miles from making this a coast to coast trip.  Undoubtedly we will be doing some side trips adding miles that will most likely push us beyond 7,000 miles.

Shorter Days Coming

Shorter Days Coming

Yesterday was literally hump-day.  Shorter days coming between now and December 21st.  Time is passing too quickly.

I spent a portion of the day looking for a carrying case.  I knew what I want, but didn’t know what to call it… a suitcase?  toolbox?  makeup case?  camera case?

You don’t realize how many different types of cases there are until you don’t know what to call the case you’re looking for.

I finally found one.  It’s made for carrying vinyl LPs.  Sheesh.


Amazon is amazing.  While you still have to know what to search for, it gives suggestions like, “People who looked at this also looked at these…”

That can often take you to products you would have never looked at before.

Electronic Leash

I was thinking I’d like something on my camera bag in case I walk off and leave it somewhere.  Sure enough, it’s called an electronic bluetooth leash.  75 feet and your phone chimes telling you you’re too far away.  They make them for children, pets, and if it works for them, it will work for a camera bag.

I ordered one pack to see how well they work.  If they work as planned, I’ll order more.


With last week’s passing of a friend, I was reminded again today when Facebook displayed a thing saying I have been friends for 5 years with the gentleman.  I re-read his obituary.

  • We both were born in the same year.
  • We both retired the same year.
  • After retirement, we both went in to photography.
  • Both of us loved jazz and other forms of music, as well as Hammond B3 organs.

So, that got me thinking about mortality.   When I go to my grave, will my spirit rise with regrets?   In generalities, here’s a list of things I feel I’ve done right…

  • I’ll never regret working hard to assure my family had food, shelter and clothing.  I always took at as my responsibility to provide.  Even after a divorce, I was NEVER late on child support or alimony.
  • I’ve never shunned a family member.  I don’t care how ticked-off they’ve made me, the old saying that blood is thicker than water is a motto I’ve adopted and lived.  While there are times I think my efforts to connect or reconnect are in vain, I’ll never regret having tried.
  • I’m glad I married Elizabethe.  I cannot say enough about how great of a wife, mother and grandmother she is.
  • Changing majors from Chemistry to Math to Engineering Computer Science wasn’t a waste of time or credits.  All three were very analytical and that has given me an ability to solve a lot of problems.
  • Staying active in the gospel has grounded me in reality and given me hope.  I’ve dealt with some tough challenges and God has seen me through.
  • Retiring at 55 was the right thing to do.  It’s been a financial struggle since retirement, but it is worth it.  I’ve had experiences that I would never have if I were still working.

Seneca Falls Shoot

Seneca Falls Shoot

I went to a Seneca Falls shoot today with Finger Lakes Professional Photographers. We met down by the river to photograph a couple of young ladies.  The theme – outdoor portraiture.

It was a time for me to experiment with my speedlights.  Only after the fact did I remember I brought the foldable wagon with me.  Had I remember, I would have done more with my lights.

copyright 2017 db walton - Seneca Falls Shoot

Model: Emily

Mind on Route 66

My mind has been on Route 66.  It appears sponsors are starting to come forward.  I got emails from several today.

The short list is this:  Bay Photo (exclusive photo lab category), Nataliacha, Fine Art by DB, On1 Software, Anthropics Software and Alien Skin Software.

We’re going to implement a Sponsor a Meal category.  This way, small businesses can do a sponsorship for only $25, get a link and a mention.


I’ve now ordered the same salad about 4 times from a restaurant.  Every time I’ve had it it has been different.  Different ingredients, different preparation, and different plating.

Does this restaurant not realize that inconsistency drives away repeat customers?

That’s one of the things McDonald’s gets right.  You order a Big Mac and you’re going to get a Big Mac.  Their people are trained on how it should look, what should go on it, and one ordered in Macedon should be the same as one ordered in San Francisco, California.

The sad part is, the first time I ever ordered the salad was the best.  It simply hasn’t been the same since then.