Wrong Fortune Cookie

Wrong Fortune Cookie

Wow, did I get the wrong fortune cookie.  It read, “You enjoy watching competitive sports.”


So, if anyone out there puts their trust in fortunes from fortune cookies… think again.

I personally don’t know anyone who puts their trust in those things.  Most of the time they are more words of wisdom.  I guess this company has decided to make statements about people instead.  Strange they would think that would apply to everyone.

My favorite fortune of all time read, “Eat more Chinese food.”

I felt like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine!”

“Ovaltine?  A crummy commercial?” Ralphie says in response.

Love it.  That’s exactly how I felt with “Eat more Chinese food.”  Obviously, someone had a sense of humor at the fortune cookie company.

Favorite Holiday Movie

A Christmas Story is my favorite holiday movie.  It isn’t so much about Christmas as it is growing up in that era.  I remember clinkers in the furnace, snow clothes so bulky you couldn’t get up if you fell, and being told excuses why I couldn’t have a BB gun.  It’s a right-of-passage movie for anyone born in the 40s or 50s.


Speaking of lunch, we got takeout from Happiness Garden (212 E Main Street, Palmyra, New York).  Note to self:  Elizabethe doesn’t like the sauce on the garlic chicken.  I do, but she doesn’t.