Daily Archives: October 31, 2016

Bag of Candy

Bag of Candy

I have a bag of candy left over because nobody came trick-or-treating.  Elizabethe and I attended a potluck with the temple missionaries.  As a result, the bag of candy didn’t even get opened.

It’s a good thing I bought candy we like.

I’ve noticed many wards no longer have “Halloween” parties.  Our ward calls it a Harvest Dinner.  Given the roots of Halloween, it makes sense.    It would be nice if communities had more trunk-or-treats or block parties.  It would be safer too.

Evening News

It appears the family across the street made the evening news.  The Hennings decorated their porch to look like a pirate ship.  Channel 13 came along and showed their house and interviewed the dad.  It’s cool when a small town like Palmyra draws a news crew out from Rochester.

The house down the street with all the blow ups was also on the same report.  Elizabethe think’s it is tacky.  While I do too, I thought it was cool the evening news featured two houses in Palmyra on NY SR 31.


November starts tomorrow.  Only two more months left in the year.  The year has gone much too quickly.

Weather wise, it feels like we’re behind.  It should be colder.