Wet Leaves

Wet Leaves

Wet leaves don’t suck up very well.  With the reports of rain, mowing the lawn is top priority today.  The leaves are wet and are clogging the chute.  As a result, I only vacuumed part of the lawn.

The grass is green, which is an improvement.  This summer was so dry I worried the grass would completely die.

It took me all morning and part of the afternoon to cut the grass.  You can’t drive fast when things are wet.  The deck can clog up and stop the blade completely.

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Wet Leaves


For a big yard, a ride-on mower is the only way to go.  There are a lot of flaws with current mower styles.  We’re stuck with the paradigm of reel or rotary mowers.  I’d love it if someone could think outside the box.  Here’s my wishlist…

  • damage-free blade
  • ability to mow at higher speeds
  • zero-turn radius
  • clog-proof grass and leaf collection
  • dumping grass/leaves without getting off the mower
  • vacuum without mowing (i.e. ability to vacuum a driveway)
  • beltless

Chinese for Lunch

After mowing the lawn, I crave a hearty lunch.  We went to Happiness Garden and got our monthly Chinese for lunch.

It is time to try something different.  I ordered beef in garlic sauce.  It is quite good.  I will figure out how to make garlic sauce.  It’s sweet and savory.