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Bag of Candy

Bag of Candy

I have a bag of candy left over because nobody came trick-or-treating.  Elizabethe and I attended a potluck with the temple missionaries.  As a result, the bag of candy didn’t even get opened.

It’s a good thing I bought candy we like.

I’ve noticed many wards no longer have “Halloween” parties.  Our ward calls it a Harvest Dinner.  Given the roots of Halloween, it makes sense.    It would be nice if communities had more trunk-or-treats or block parties.  It would be safer too.

Evening News

It appears the family across the street made the evening news.  The Hennings decorated their porch to look like a pirate ship.  Channel 13 came along and showed their house and interviewed the dad.  It’s cool when a small town like Palmyra draws a news crew out from Rochester.

The house down the street with all the blow ups was also on the same report.  Elizabethe think’s it is tacky.  While I do too, I thought it was cool the evening news featured two houses in Palmyra on NY SR 31.


November starts tomorrow.  Only two more months left in the year.  The year has gone much too quickly.

Weather wise, it feels like we’re behind.  It should be colder.




Constitution Talk

Constitution Talk

Brother Halstead gave a constitution talk in church.  Of all the people, I think he is best qualified to talk on this subject.  He is not a lawyer, but he loves the constitution (which is more than I can say about some lawyers!)

Richard was in the U.S. Air Force and was around in World War II.  His wife grew up in Germany.  The two of them have seen parts of history and parts of the world that instilled in them a great love for this country and its Constitution.

Third Hour Fifth Sunday

Today being the 5th Sunday, during the third hour, we had a combined meeting.  The subject was seniors (as in the over 60 crowd).  We learned a few things we need to implement.

There is a New York program called “yellow dot“.  Basically if you have a yellow dot displayed, it means you have your important information stored in a ziplock bag in your freezer.  The program is described as thus, “The Yellow Dot program is designed to help first responders provide life-saving medical attention during that first “golden hour” after a crash or other emergency.”


Sisters Crofts and Barrett came to dinner tonight.  We had a delightful conversation.  This was Sister Barrett’s first time having dinner with us.  After dinner Elizabethe gave them the grand tour of the house.

Easy Meal

Easy Meal

An easy meal is ramen.  There are lots of stupid things said about it, but face it.  It is simply dried pasta.   However, ramen gets boring real quick.  That 35 cent packet is easy to transform.  Here is a suggestion…

Dump your ramen in a bowl.  Take a can of Lo-Han Chai and pour it over the ramen, and then add the ramen seasoning packets.  Finally, add about a 1/2 cup of water, cover, and nuke for 3 minutes.  After cooking it, add some chili paste if you enjoy a little spice.

A Lesson Missed

There is a lesson missed in the story of Jesus and the adulterous woman.  The story goes that Jesus comes across a group of men who are about to stone a woman for adultery.   They explain the situation to him, and in hopes they will snare him in his words, Jesus responds, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

Most people stop the story at this point.  I’ve heard this story used time and time again to justify sin.   It is used to point the finger at the accuser and tell them they are being judgemental.   However, the real lesson lies ahead.

The scribes and Pharisees who stood ready to stone her left.  Jesus then turned to the woman and asked where her accusers had gone.  When she points out they left, Jesus says, “Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.”

“Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more,” is the real lesson.  Jesus offered her repentance and forgiveness with the charge, “go, and sin no more.”



Ethnic Markets

Ethnic Markets

I love shopping at ethnic markets.  We visit them about once a quarter.  Chinese, Indian and Turkish are the three we visit the most.

Elizabethe and I went on our dinner date at Longhorn this afternoon.  We then went to our three favorite ethnic markets.  Doing this on a Friday night was a mistake.  While it is evidence their patrons work during the week, it is also a zoo at these stores.

I’ll go back to midweek daytime visits!

Chinese Sauces

I’ve got to create recipes for my favorite Chinese sauces.  Some are hard to find when you go back to restock.  While they are expensive, the ethnic stores are still cheaper than Wegman’s, Top’s and other American grocery stores.  Soy sauce is available in a hundred different brands and varieties, however, try finding the same Char Siu sauce as you did 6 months ago.

Most of the time these sauces draw from the same core ingredients:

  • soy sauce
  • bean paste
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • five spice
  • mirin
  • rice vinegar
  • fish sauce
  • sugar
  • red chilis

It’s like baking… it all depends on the proportions.  Anything else is supplemental.   Thus, if I can develop recipes I can make the sauce in a big batch and can it in small jars for future use.

I picked up sauces to restock the pantry, as well as dried mushrooms and pot stickers.  I’m ready for the winter.



October Birthdays

October Birthdays

We have a lot of October birthdays in my family.  Three children have birthdays in October, my brother, and both of my maternal grandparents were born in October.

I talked to my brother today to wish him a happy birthday.  He’s 5 years my younger.


I met with our upcoming 1st VP for FLPP over lunch.  We talked about ideas for next year’s programs.  It will be fun working with him.  Although official nominations aren’t in, it looks like I will be the Finger Lakes Professional Photographers president for 2017-2018 (2 year term).

FLPP is a great way to learn how to become a better photographer.  It’s too bad many wannabe photographers don’t take advantage of this great resource.


I bought what I thought to be two small bags of black mustard seed.  I figured it would make a couple of jars of mustard.  Making your own mustard is cheaper than buying it.

So, I soaked them in vinegar.  I threw them in the blender and ground them up.  Now I have a huge bowl of mustard.  This is more than a couple of jars.  Perhaps I have enough to fill 4 quarts or more.

The taste is a bit sharp.  I’m hoping letting it sit after grinding will mellow it.


Wasps Continued

Wasps Continued

I saw a few more wasps today.  I emptied the can of wasp spray in to the hole and I hope this does the trick. Nobody wants wasps living in the wall.

The next step is to seal the hole.  Fun.  I wonder what will work best… spray foam or caulking?


They busted that call center in Mumbai, India.  However, I got a call claiming to be from “Windows Desktop Support”.  The guy tried to convince me that seven people have accessed my computer.

I told him the last guy from India who tried to scam me got arrested by the Mumbai police.  I then asked him to hold we we traced the call.  Darn.  He hung up.

Lunch at Burger King

I took Tom to Burger King.  They now call him by name.  Before we left Tom needed to use the men’s room.  While he was in there I thanked the staff for how kind and understanding they are with Tom.

One of the young ladies said, “Awe, he’s a sweetheart.”

She commented how he asked if he could go outside to feed the birds.  She said she got him a broken hamburger bun so he’d have something to throw to the seagulls.




Here I sit.  I hear, “tink, tink… tink… tink, tink, tink.”  Wondering what it is, I look at the office light and hornets are diving at it.  Quickly I leave to find some spray.

I find a small bug bomb, and I set it off in my office and evacuate.  I’m done working in my office for  the day.


Walking around outside I find a hole with hornets going in and out.  It looks serious.  Three or four enter every second.  It’s a big hornets’ nest inside the wall!

I set off two more bug bombs inside.  One in the camera room, and the other I set off in the attic.  Between the three I hope it kills the nest inside the wall.

Temple Time

It’s temple time and they are still flying in and out of the hole.  I will check it in the morning, but for now, we’re off to the temple.

At the temple I met a nice couple from Minnesota.  He works for a communications company and I told him I retired from AT&T.  We had a lot in common.    Like many, he asked what brought is to Palmyra.  It was fun sharing our story.


Maureen (one of our tenants) claims she saw groppel falling in Macedon.  I didn’t see any here, so it won’t make my Season Watch page.  It is getting colder however.

Palmyra Temple Photos

If you are looking for Palmyra Temple Photos, please visit my page at

copyright 2016 db walton

Palmyra Temple

These LDS Temple Photographs come framed and matted and ready to hang.  I also have other temples too…

copyright 2016 db walton

San Diego Temple

Wet Leaves

Wet Leaves

Wet leaves don’t suck up very well.  With the reports of rain, mowing the lawn is top priority today.  The leaves are wet and are clogging the chute.  As a result, I only vacuumed part of the lawn.

The grass is green, which is an improvement.  This summer was so dry I worried the grass would completely die.

It took me all morning and part of the afternoon to cut the grass.  You can’t drive fast when things are wet.  The deck can clog up and stop the blade completely.

copyright 2016 db walton

Wet Leaves


For a big yard, a ride-on mower is the only way to go.  There are a lot of flaws with current mower styles.  We’re stuck with the paradigm of reel or rotary mowers.  I’d love it if someone could think outside the box.  Here’s my wishlist…

  • damage-free blade
  • ability to mow at higher speeds
  • zero-turn radius
  • clog-proof grass and leaf collection
  • dumping grass/leaves without getting off the mower
  • vacuum without mowing (i.e. ability to vacuum a driveway)
  • beltless

Chinese for Lunch

After mowing the lawn, I crave a hearty lunch.  We went to Happiness Garden and got our monthly Chinese for lunch.

It is time to try something different.  I ordered beef in garlic sauce.  It is quite good.  I will figure out how to make garlic sauce.  It’s sweet and savory.



International Sunday

International Sunday

It must be International Sunday.  We had visitors from Hong Kong, South Africa, Philippines, Guatemala, Columbia, Canada, and a few others (which I can’t remember).   It is proof we are a world-wide church.  It is also proof that Palmyra is a destination location for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Greg and I went home teaching to the Bakers.  We had a nice visit.  Sarah was just called to work in the Primary.


Dinner tonight is taco salad.  I had leftover chicken breasts and chopped them up for meat.  We added everything we could think of that belongs in a taco salad — peppers, onions, corn, beans, lettuce, cheese, olives, corn chips, and more.

I also made jalapeno poppers.  For dessert I made flan.  I figure flan goes with Mexican food.

Sister Edmonds and Ingersoll came to dinner.  We also invited Maureen to eat with us.

Last Sunday when the elders were here, they taught the Plan of Salvation.  We were challenged to teach it back to the sister missionaries, which we did.

I started off saying, “There was in the place where we lived…  Oops!  Wrong discussion.”

The sisters had a look of surprise, but then they realized I was joking around.  I got serious and presented the Plan of Salvation.

Despair Assignment

Despair Assignment

My job to day is a despair assignment.  How do you walk up to someone and ask them to look like they are in despair?

That’s why I get paid the big bucks, as they say.

My first subject is me.  I’m in despair because of this project.

copyright 2016 db walton - Despair Assignment

In Despair

One down, and four more to go.  If you think you can look like you are in despair or anguish, let me know.  I’ll take your picture.  Who knows, you might be famous.  (And, no, I’m not getting paid for this assignment.  It’s a church assignment.)

Winter is Coming

Winter is coming, and things are starting to cool down.  It rained all day today, but things are supposed to clear up on Monday.  That’s good because I need to mow the lawn.

The sister missionaries said they would like to help rake leaves when it is time.  Currently many of the trees still have leaves.  Even with the rain they are sticking to the limbs.