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Almond Crusted Salmon

Almond Crusted Salmon

The pantry had a few almonds and some canned French fried onions.  I decided to make almond crusted salmon for dinner.  With no buttermilk to coat the fish, I used some awful thousand island dressing.  It worked out perfectly.  The fish was wonderful.

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Almond Crusted Salmon


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Sisters Edmonds and Ringler

The temple and holiness were the themes at church today.  Sister Ward and Brother Wright spoke.  It is also the 5th Sunday, so the priesthood and Relief Society met together along with the young men and women.

Heat Continues

The heat continues.  This has been the hottest summer since we’ve moved here.  I keep asking when it will cool off.

Busy Week Ahead

We have a busy week ahead.  Jen wants us to come down, so I’ll have to figure out when.  We also have a couple of appointments we must keep.  All will work out, and all will be fun.

IPC 2016

International Print Comp 2016 (IPC 2016) started tonight.  I swear, some of the judges are on drugs.  There is a huge inconsistency between the judging rooms.  One room will be super lenient, while the other is ridiculously strict (or perhaps biased to certain styles).


Gas Engine Show

Gas Engine Show

I’ve lived here for several years and have seen the signs for the Gas Engine Show, but until now, I haven’t gone to it.  Natalie and I were driving down the road with the boys when I realized we are close to the show.  We found it.  Fortunately I had $4 in my pocket (entrance fee for 2 adults).

The show had many tractors.  I have never seen that many Farmall tractors in one location.  My grandson was in 7th Heaven.

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Sitting High on a Farmall


copyright 2016 db walton - Gas Engine-show

Riding a Purple Tractor

As we moved around the place we found the gas engines.  They have quite a display of hit-n-miss engines.  They are fun to listen to.

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Hit-n-Miss Running a Pump

We even found this little guy…

copyright 2016 db walton - gas engine show

A Mini Tractor

Ribbon Cutting

Earlier in the day we attended a ribbon cutting at Mac’s Pizza Shack on Canandaigua Road near Gananda.

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Mac’s Pizza Shack Grand Opening

Very Important

Very Important

Morals are very important.  I make no apology for this statement.  The worse things get, the more important morals become.

So, in a tongue and cheek kind of way I post this on my Facebook page:

Thinking about things…

If Hillary is elected, will Bill be the First Husband? And, if so, what does that make Monica, Gennifer, Maria, Belinda, Naomi, Markie, Patricia, Sally, … and all the others?

If Trump is elected, will Melania be the Third Lady?

If Johnson is elected, will Kate be the First Domestic Partner?

Someone asks me if this is important.  I thought for a while.  My first thought was to just ignore the snide comment.  While I let it simmer in my mind I thought, ‘No, I can’t ignore this.  Morals are very important.’

As soon as I thought that, I thought about the story of Uriah.

No, Wait!

“No, wait, don’t you mean the story of David and Bathsheba?”, you ask.

I could call it that, but then it wouldn’t matter as much as it does when you call it the story of Uriah.  For David and Bathsheba it seemed to be working out for a while.  David sleeps with Bathsheba.  Bathsheba gets pregnant.  Bathsheba’s husband is killed.  Bathsheba mourns her husband.  David and Bathsheba get married and have a happy marriage.  Nice for them.

Okay, sounds like a story where the king marries this mourning widow and they live happily ever after.  What about Uriah, Bathsheba’s first husband?

Through David’s command as king, he has Uriah killed.  2nd Samuel chapter 11 explains how he did that.  It was cunning and it was pre-meditated murder.  Did Uriah know what was going on?  Nope.

I  think Uriah is sitting there in the afterlife saying, “Yes, morals are very important.”  David’s immorality affected Uriah in a big way.

Village Walk

Natalie and the boys went with me as I visited many of the village businesses about Pirate Weekend.  It was fun.  100% of the businesses asked said they would display pictures from the coloring contest.  Gotta love Palmyra!

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Networking with Natalie

Networking with Natalie

Today I went networking with Natalie, my daughter.  She attended the Tri County Networkers with me.  It was her first time at a networking meeting like this.  (I suggested she start one when she gets back home.)

We headed to Lowe’s after our networking meeting to pick up some felt pads for Elizabethe.  Since we just had the floor re-finished, she’s going to put felt pads on the bottom of the furniture in the sunroom.   I hope that keeps the new finish from getting marred.


The heatwave here continues.  This summer has been unusually hot and dry for this area.  The lawn is dry, locust are eating what lawn I have, and we need the rain.


We started calendaring the time while Natalie is here.  Elizabethe and I made a list, but things kept getting in the way and we never sat down with Natalie about the schedule.  I guess I have to do that tomorrow.

Also, it may all change when the others get here for the big Family Reunion.  I wish they all could make it, but those of us here will make the best of it.

Truly Conservative

Truly Conservative

I think this country has lost the definition of what it means to be a conservative.  It has been a long time since I’ve seen a truly conservative candidate.  Now I need to vent.

The very word itself means one who resists changing values.  The word liberal means one who wants to change values to fit their desires at the moment.  Yes, liberals will find conservatives very pig-headed when it comes to their values.  If they find a someone who is not, then they are not a conservative, but either a liberal or moderate.

What are those values?

One who is truly a conservative…

  • believes in God (and the 10 Commandments)
  • will only support traditional marriage – one between one man and one woman
  • will not support abortion
  • believes children deserve to be raised by a loving mother and father
  • does not believe in decriminalization of dangerous drugs, prostitution, euthanasia and other things God has told us are wrong
  • believes sex outside of a marriage between a man and a woman is a sin
  • believes an individual’s rights (in our case, those granted by the U.S. Constitution) are more important than government
  • believes those rights are God-given
  • doesn’t discriminate against people because of the color of their skin or their gender or their religion or their ancestors or the language they speak
  • believes an able-bodied person is responsible for their own welfare and believes the idle person should “not eat the bread” of the working person
  • believes people should be free from bondage (whether physical or economic) and the government shouldn’t place people in bondage through excessive taxation

List for Liberals

Creating a list of liberal values is like nailing Jello to the wall.  Why?  Because their values are ever changing.  That’s what it means to be liberal for Pete’s sake.

Having said this, here are some examples of liberal values over the years (this isn’t to say all liberals hold these values, but using the Democratic party as an example, here are some real-life examples)…

  • Pro-slavery (while today, a liberal would deny such claim, in the 1860s liberals wanted slavery)
  • Anti-black vote (see above)
  • Anti-woman vote  (see above)
  • Pro-abortion
  • Pro-gay marriage
  • Anti-2nd Amendment  (Oh, and while we’re on this one, read carefully what the Lord said in Section 134:2 of the Doctrine and Covenants, “We believe that no government can exist in peace, except such laws are framed and held inviolate as will secure to each individual the free exercise of conscience, the right and control of property, and the protection of life.”  Color, italics, bold and red added for emphasis.)
  • Pro-public assistance
  • Pro-socialism/communism
  • Anti-religion

Black and White

While I’m making it sound black and white, there are varying degrees.  For example, I would not call Gary Johnson (the Libertarian candidate) a conservative.  He’s a moderate who is very liberal on social issues, and very conservative on government/fiscal issues.  And, I think the majority of people fall in the category of being moderate when it comes to social issues.  Church going people who live their religion will fall in to the conservative side of things, while more radical non-religious people will lean to the liberal side.

Unfortunately, too many people associate liberalism and/or socialism with humanitarianism.  Too many people associate conservatism with vigilantism and extremism.  Neither can be further from the truth.  But, taking one issue at a time, one could keep score if they want and figure out where they fall.  For example, if you are pro-abortion, you favor a liberal social value.  If you are anti-abortion, you favor a conservative social value.  If you went through the lists above you could keep a tally on both sides and see where it places you.

Perhaps there will come a day when abortion is outlawed.  I’m sure if that comes, liberals around the country will deny liberals were ever for abortion.  (Just like today they deny they were ever pro-slavery.  Again, it is a doctrine of changing values.)

Natalie Arrives

Natalie Arrives

Natalie arrives today.  Originally she was to fly in to Rochester around 11:30am, but plans changed and she flew in to Buffalo around 9am.  We are driving to Buffalo to pick her and the boys up.

Things barely fit in the car.  I never packed a trunk this tightly.  We got home and started to unpack when Natalie discovers she doesn’t have her backpack.

She called the airport and sure enough, she left it on the curb.  Our friend near Buffalo is picking it up for her.

Natalie and the boys were beat so they took a nap.  Elizabethe are off to the temple.


Our temple shift went well.   I went on the first session.  Elizabethe is excited because that’s another one of my male ancestors done.

A former missionary couple is spending the night.  We didn’t talk to them much because it is late.  They plan on leaving early in the morning.  We got to see them at least.


I will take Tom Chapman to lunch tomorrow along with Natalie and the boys.  But first I have an eye doctor appointment.  I just hope they don’t dilate my eyes.  It gives me a headache.  The plan is to keep my current frames.


Needed Rain

Needed Rain

We are receiving much needed rain.  The ground is so dry the rain just soaks in to the dry soil.  It really came down hard this morning, yet, the dirt remains dry looking.

After a big thundershower, it drizzled throughout the day.  I’m not complaining because we need the rain.  My lawn needs the rain.  It may be too late for my tomatoes, but I hope this perks them up too.

Office Organization

My office organization attempts failed.  I don’t know what it is about my brain, but organizing objects is not my strong point.  If I put A, B and C together, I later get frustrated because I need A, D and E together which breaks up A, B and C.  The same would be true if I started out with A, D and E, at some point I would want A, B and C.

I also like things easy to reach.  I think most people do, and that’s why their sock drawer is at the top of the dresser.  Socks are one of those things you reach for often.  Putting an often used item in the bottom drawer is a frustration.

If I were rich I’d hire a person whose only job would be to fetch something from where it is always stored, and then replace it when I’m done.  You might ask why I don’t do that.  It’s a time thing.  You come home from an appointment and you don’t have time to unpack your bag.  Then, after the next appointment, you forget you haven’t unpacked your bag.  It’s a vicious cycle.  What can I say?

Pioneer Day 2016

Pioneer Day 2016

It is Pioneer Day 2016 and it is a Sunday.  I guess people in Utah and Idaho will get tomorrow off work.  For my New York friends, Pioneer Day celebrates the July 24th, 1947, entrance of the Pioneers in to the Salt Lake Valley.

After being ran out of New York, Ohio and Missouri, Mormon handcart companies crossed the plains, the Rocky Mountains, and entered the Salt Lake Valley.  There they settled, while several companies were sent to other locations to homestead there too (like Logan, Utah, and San Diego, California, for example.)

Church Visitors

We still have a fair number of church visitors.  It wasn’t as many as we had the previous two Sundays, but we had a decent number in Sacrament meeting.

Mexican for Dinner

One of the sister missionaries commented that her dad told her she probably wouldn’t see much mexican food for dinner.  She was excited we ate Mexican food.  I made chimichangas and tostadas for dinner.

I made mini tostadas.  I used a cookie cutter to make small tortillas.  The left over I fried in to chips.

Using hummus makes good tostadas.  The leftover shredded pork makes a good topping, and to top it all, pickled onions.

Walworth Festival

Walworth Festival

A few of us from the Canal Connection Chamber of Commerce spent our afternoon at the Walworth Festival.  We handed out several applications as well as some glow-in-the-dark wristbands.

It was miserably hot out there.  I’m glad I wore a baseball cap to keep the sun off my head and face.

The highlight of the afternoon was a demonstration by Deputy Sheriff Brian Pitt and his police dog — a bloodhound.  I learned quite a bit about how they use these dogs.

copyright 2016 db walton

Officer Pitt and His Police Dog


For dinner tonight I made a BBQ pork pizza.  I took BBQ sauce, spread it around the dough, topped it with shredded pork, cheddar and provolone cheese and onion slices.  Wow, was it GOOD.

copyright 2016 db walton

BBQ Pork Pizza


Politics are quite sickening right now.  Many elections of the past there has been a clear best-choice for good people.  We are currently left with horrible choices with the exception of one, and honestly, he doesn’t stand a chance.  That’s Chris Keniston.  He’s running on the Veteran’s ticket, but has no publicity to speak of.

I know many conservatives and liberals are rallying behind Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate.  I can’t bring myself to vote for someone who is pro-abortion, pro-decriminalization of drugs, prostitution and other vices.  Gary Johnson is a liberal — plain and simple.  He’s only conservative in his fiscal matters, and that’s only a fraction of what this country needs.

Dry Grass

Dry Grass

Cutting dry grass has its pros and cons.  The pro is it doesn’t clog the catcher.  The con is it is dusty.  Either way, the grass didn’t really need it, but the weeds in the lawn did.  The broadleaf plantain and a few other weeds had tall flower stalks that needed cutting down.


What would possess someone to leave a 2x2x2 foot box on your front lawn full of junk?

It’s bad enough that I have one neighbor who puts their yard clippings in my front yard instead of their own.  Now, to have someone leaving boxes of junk out there!!!   Infuriating.

I also get a lot of litter from passing cars.  People just throw their soda cups, cans, bottles and other trash out their window and it lands in my yard.


It got into the nineties today, but a thundershower brought it down about ten degrees.  Either way it was hot.

The good news is I managed to fix the air conditioning in the bedroom.  It appears to be working correctly now.  (What a lousy design.  If you are planning on a standalone floor unit, I’d stay away from the LG.)

Harbor Freight Tools

I made my way to Harbor Freight Tools because I had a 25% off coupon.  I picked up another hardshell case for my photography equipment.  For $22 it’s a nice deal.  For $30… well, I can wait for the next coupon I tell myself.