Daily Archives: March 29, 2016

Hate Cleaning

Hate Cleaning

I hate cleaning.  Actually, it’s not cleaning I hate, but organizing and picking up clutter.  My ADHD brain gets too distracted.  It’s a fact that ADHD people are either compulsive about organizing (which I am not), or they are like me.

So, today was one of those days to get my studio organized.  I have to do this about once a quarter.  It’s not my favorite thing to do.  Although I’ve never had a root canal, I think it is right up there with a root canal.  In fact, I could honestly say, if I root canal took all day, I’d rather be doing that than trying to figure out how to organize my work…. Oh, look!  There’s a squirrel outside!

A Clean Desk

Years ago I read a book that said that people with ADHD have messy desks because they are very good at memorizing.  I can vouch for that.

Did you know I once memorized Alma chapter 36 in its entirety?

My wife can vouch for that…. Oh, that I memorized Alma Chapter 36, I mean that I memorize my desk.  She once said she moved something on my desk and I spotted it immediately upon returning home from work.

A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind, or so the poster says.  A messy desk is a sign of someone who knows where everything is, and it better be there when he goes to get it.

Wire Hazards

I’m working on eliminating wire hazards.  In many studios this is a problem.  Now I have these cool retractable wire spools I got at Lowe’s.  A slight tug, and the wire retracts.  Love them.

Look, a squirrel !

Okay, it’s time to go to the temple.  I hope this mess is still here tomorrow because if someone cleans my desk tonight, I won’t know where a single thing is.

And, I hope you appreciate my sense of humor.  (I really am good at memorizing… that’ part isn’t a joke.)