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Disaster Averted

Disaster Averted

We had a disaster averted today.  The dryer kept beeping and the clothes weren’t drying.  I checked the lint trap, and it was clean.  I even cleaned the vent pipe, and while it had some lint inside, the dryer still didn’t work after I cleaned it.

I finally decided to remove the cover just below the dryer door.  Sure enough, there was some lint collected there.  I didn’t realize how much until I got the crevice tool for the vacuum cleaner.  I began to pull out clumps of matted dust that were HUGE.  The entire underside of the dryer was full of this compacted lint.

I then stuck the crevice tool in a space just above the heating element.  I removed a smouldering mat 1″ thick and about 6×9 inches in size.  Wow, were we lucky!

The dryer is now clean, and a disaster averted.  I can go back to work now.


Distracted while cleaning the studio, I did a few more LED test shots.

copyright 2016 db walton - disaster averted

Self Portrait using LED lighting

I’m quite pleased with how the LED lighting is working in the studio.

In an attempt to save some money, I replaced two florescent 48″ tubes with LED lights purchased at Home Depot.  Unfortunately, they didn’t work.  I read the instructions over several times, and checked the fixtures.  All indications indicated they should have worked.  Well, I’ll be taking those back to Home Depot.  (I’ve already ordered the same time I’m using in the studio from Amazon.  I know they work with a couple of wiring changes.)

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