LED Fever

LED Fever

I think I have LED Fever.  Okay, there is no such thing, but Elizabethe’s doctor recommended she do some light therapy to help with insomnia.    I looked at the recommended lights and all they are are white 5000-5500K lights.

Hey, I’ve been working on replacing lights with LED lights anyway.  Why can’t I just build one?

After much research, the solution was quite simple:  Use an LED flood light and a clamp on reflector light.  I just removed the reflector and screwed in an LED flood light.  I made one for both of us.  I think they will work out great.  LED Fever to cure insomnia.  wink-wink


Speaking of LEDs, I gave them a huge test today.  I did some self-portraits (not to be confused with “selfies”.)

copyright 2016 db walton - LED Fever

My Self Portrait with LED Lights

Look at those catch-lights!  Yes, these LEDs are fun to work with.

In fact, I will be teaching a one-day workshop on using LEDs to light portraits.  It will be  May 21st as part of PPA’s Super One Day.

I also found a fluorescent fixture still in the box.  I bought it years ago to replace some old ones, and I never did.  So, I’ve bought new LED tubes to install in it.  I have no idea how it will work out.  I have to make time to install the tubes and unbox the fixture.  If it works out well, I’ll use it in the studio.  If that doesn’t work out, I’ll install it in the garage.