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Comparing Socialism to Race

Comparing Socialism to Race

I saw a social media post today comparing socialism to race in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   I don’t know how someone can make such a huge leap, but leave it to someone, when disagreeing with the brethren, to compare blacks and the priesthood to whatever it is they don’t agree about.
We’re taught doctrine is taught in the scriptures, lesson manuals, General Conference, etc.
Several times in General Conference Socialism has been referred to as…
Soul destroying
A secret combination
Satan’s imitation
And, there are scriptures that support the General Conference statements by latter-day prophets (some of them are mentioned in that link you posted.)
Politically and economically, there’s yet to be a successful socialist state. Even Sweden, which has been touted as a “good example” has major production problems (over a 50% absenteeism rate in the workplace), morality issues (many Swedes choose living-in-sin over marriage because you get a larger home and it is financially advantageous), humanity issues (too expensive to deal with the mentally ill, they are used for medical experiments has human guinea pigs), etc. Having spent time there, we have it much better here and to say we should be like a place that is not that great of a place to live and work, would be like saying, “I’d rather own a broken down car than a new one.”
Religiously, few socialist allow for open practice of religion. From a Latter-day Saint point of view, look at the countries where missionaries struggle, or are even allowed. Most communist/socialist countries don’t allow missionaries to proselytize at all. The ones that do, missionaries have a difficult time finding proselytes.
Constitutionally, the U.S. Constitution does not allow for our government to provide many of the services we attempt to provide. (It provides for border protection, interstate commerce, a postal system and district and a supreme courts. There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the government should provide us with a retirement, insurance, healthcare, education, etc.) We are only now just starting to see the ramifications of such programs that 40-50 years ago we were warned about as Latter-day Saints. And, at 19-trillion in debt, this nation can’t even afford socialism as we’re already at the brink of financial disaster. Bloomberg reported in 2010 that the USA is already bankrupt, we just won’t admit it. Forbes in 2012 asked how long the USA can go in its attempt to fool the rest of the world as we are already bankrupt. 2014 the CBO reported Social Security will fail by 2030. So, how in the world do we, as a nation expect to provide services and goods to people when we don’t have the income or funds to do that?
In any event, as Latter-day Saints we are taught that all belongs to God, and God grants us stewardship over certain things. He warns the idler will not eat the bread of the worker. Socialism punishes the worker by taking from the worker and giving to the idler.
There is really no comparing socialism to race.  That’s truly an apples to oranges comparison.

Speaking of General Conference, it is only a week away.  Here are three topics I think we’ll hear addressed in General Conference…

  1. Religious freedom
  2. Socialism
  3. Civic Duty

I do this every conference.  This time I’m posting my list on my blog.  That will mean I have to write about it afterwards.