Sunny and Freezing

Sunny and Freezing

Today is sunny and freezing.  When you look out the window you think it is a beautiful spring (almost) day.  But, when you get outside it is sunny AND freezing cold.

I had to turn on the heater in my office today.  And, every trip from my office to the house was chilling.  I don’t remember a day like this before.  Normally, it’s overcast and cold.  The sun seemed to have little effect on keeping things warm today.

I attempted to do a few shots in the studio, but it was pretty cold in the camera room.  That chill took the enjoyment out of things.  While I could have fired up the heater, it’s expensive to warm the room from a cold chill to 68 degrees.

Giving up on cooking anything, we headed to Happiness Garden for some take-out Chinese food.  I got my usual boneless pork, and Elizabethe got her usual chicken and snow peas.

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My Fortune

There you have it – Think no evil, hear no evil, see no evil.  That was my fortune cookie.

Speaking of Fortune Cookies…

Did you know they were created in Oakland California?  That’s right.  They didn’t originate in China, but in a little shop in downtown Oakland.    Shortly after Elizabethe and I were married we went and visited the shop.  They gave the children a tour and samples.  They had these huge bags of “misfortunes” (broken fortune cookies).  We bought a couple of bags and they must have lasted a couple of years.

After our late lunch, I managed to catch up on a few more e-mails and then I called it a day.  Before retiring, I went downstairs and started the boiler.  I thought a few days ago when I turned it off it would stay off until next winter.