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Irish Meal

Irish Meal

I’m really not a huge fan of St. Patrick’s Day.  But, for the sake of being with friends, Elizabethe and I joined some friends for an Irish meal.  So, we spent the evening with some of the temple and site missionaries.

In the course of the meal I discovered the real secret to good corned beef is brown sugar (or in this case, maple sugar).    I detected some sweetness and during conversation, it came out that our cook (Elder Barney) sprinkled maple sugar over the corned beef.

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Corned Beef

When we arrived at the Smith Farm, I saw a tall figure standing near the entrance of the grove.  I recognized him as being President Francis.  So, I walked over and talked with him for a while.  They have a tradition of letting exiting missionaries walk through the grove before they return home.  I think that’s a cool tradition.

After my morning appointments, my work day was spent retouching files.  I discovered more quirky things with Lightroom and Photoshop.  It’s always the case with big companies.  When you are having to compete, you make sure your product is good so you can rise to the top.  But, when you’re on top, you soon get lazy and your product quality suffers.  Such is the case with Adobe these days.

And, speaking of bugs, my web site wouldn’t upload some pictures.  It turns out there must be some limitation on file size when using php scripts.  I’ve got to check with GoDaddy to find out.