Daily Archives: March 15, 2016

Back to Raining

Back to Raining

It’s back to raining again.  Last year at this time we were getting snow still.  This year, all that moisture is coming down as rain.

Elizabethe and I served in the temple tonight.  My schedule tonight was the exact same as it was last week.  That’s okay.  I kind of like that schedule so it was nice having it two weeks in a row.

When we left the temple it was dry outside and it had warmed up a bit.  However, that said, they are predicting snow later this week on Thursday or Friday.  We shall see.

I think tomorrow I am going to go get wood for another bookcase.  I’ve about got it down to a science now.  I know how many boards, what cuts need to be made and out to fit it all inside the Corolla.

I’m also going to get a couple more cord retractors.  Those retracting extension cords are nice.  It sure beats having to wind them up.  Just give it a tug, and it retracts into is little canister.

Earlier, I slapped some glue and a portion of my LED light I’m building.  I hope it holds.  The light’s kind of looking like crud, but