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Tub and Fixtures

Tub and Fixtures

Why can’t you just go buy a tub with all of the fixtures?  Buying a tub and fixtures is as bad as ordering a new car.  I didn’t realize how many decisions there are to be made.

First, you select the tub.  Do you want a top cap?  Do you want a one piece or sections?

Next, there’s the door.  You have to select the glass, the hinges, and all the hardware.

Then there’s the spigot, valves, shower head, drain and all of the plumbing related hardware.

Finally, you have to have someone install it and do all the plumbing.  By the time you’re done… well, let’s just say you’ve spent a fair amount of money.

My photoshoot went well this morning.  It was a small insurance office and their staff.  One of the agents also wanted headshots.

We also hit the Indian store, the Turkish store and the Asian store while we were in that part of town.  Produce is so much less money there, and the quality is quite good.  Also, coconut milk was 99 cents a can at the Asian market.  That’s about 1/3rd the price as the grocery store.  I’m thinking I might come down here every other week just for produce.  I might eat more veggies that way.

All of the parts but one are here for my 4′ strip light.  I started soldering the wires.  The switches I ordered are pretty low quality.  I won’t order that type again.  I’m on the look out for some nice SPST rocker switches that are small, sturdy and round.