Daily Archives: March 13, 2016

New Calling

New Calling

It looks like I have a new calling at church.  Because I haven’t been sustained yet, I will refrain from announcing it, but it fits in nicely with some of the others stuff I’ve been doing.

I had a nice chat with the high councilor who extended my calling, Brother Rumsey.  He wasn’t sure exactly when I will be sustained, but he said he would find out.

As a result of my interview, I completely missed Priesthood Meeting.  After the interview I went to enter the room and they were already saying the closing prayer.

After church I managed to get a short nap, and then I was off to another church meeting.  This one was  about the new Bishop’s Storehouse dedication.

I got home about the time the missionaries were due to arrive for dinner.  Elizabethe forgot to cook the bacon for the BLT sandwiches, so I rushed to get the bacon cooked.  We managed and we managed to get them fed and on their way to their next appointment on time.

Tomorrow I have a photo shoot first thing in the morning down in Henrietta.  I’ve asked Elizabethe to go with me so we can pick out the new tub for the bedroom bathroom.  She’s not thrilled about going to one of my photo sessions, but it is a quick one.