Daily Archives: March 8, 2016

Getting Warmer

Getting Warmer

It’s getting warmer around here.  Today almost hit 60 here, and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer.

Today was one of those days that was full of appointments.  At least I got my 2015 books DONE.  I thought they were done before, but I had missed something and had to go back and add stuff.  It would sure be a lot easier if all we had to deal with was a single sales tax.  I’m tired of dealing with income tax, sales tax, property tax, school tax, etc.  Sales and use taxes make the most sense to me.

We bought some big portobello mushrooms and I cooked them to use them like a burger patty.  It worked well, but they were slippery and wanted to slide out of the bun when you’d go to take a bite.  I ended up eating mine open-face.

I think tomorrow I’ll stuff them and bake them.  The sandwich thing didn’t work well.  This 4″ diameter mushroom tops are a meal to themselves.


The temple re-opened after the cleaning closure.  It was nice to go back.  They’ve updated most of the technology.  With the warm weather, I would have hoped more people would have attended tonight.

Speaking of warm weather, I didn’t even wear a jacket to the temple.  When we got out, it was still warm.  Tomorrow is going to be a warm day.