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I got a call late this afternoon from my son-in-law asking if they could come spend the night, take us to dinner, and then to see the movie Zootopia.  We arranged to meet up at the restaurant when I was done with my last appointment for the day.

My day started with a First Monday Event.  We worked on small object photography.  People brought jewelry, pocket knives, belt buckles, and I photographed a couple of lenses.  We had 4 people (5 if you count me).  One of the attendees commented that she likes the First Monday Events because we ‘actually do something!’  That was nice to hear.  (The First Monday Event is part of Palmyra Photographic Workshops, a service offered by my studio photography by db walton llc.)

Gary Morse was here with his pickup truck and offered to take me to Lowe’s to purchase the backings for the bookshelves.  We got enough to complete 4 shelves.  Elizabethe is excited.


We meet Jennifer and Spencer and children at the restaurant.  It was a place called Cheap Charlie’s in Bloomfield, New York.  They had great service, but I wasn’t impressed with the atmosphere or food.

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My Granddaughter Controlling my Camera

I might as well give it my review…

When we entered, there was a very strong smell of cigarettes.  (Later, we discovered that the mudroom was a “smoking area”.   I wish restaurants would consider how much smoking is a deterrent to non-smoking clientele.)

Once you are inside, you are in the bar with a play room adjacent to you.  As I looked around, there was a guy waving me to come towards him.  I didn’t know if he worked there or another customer.  I eventually figured out he must be waving for us to come to him.

He did work there and when we saw our daughter’s family, we let him know we were with them.  They had been there for a little while and had already had some appetizers.

We ordered our meals, and the service was great.  I have nothing but good to say about the service.  Atmosphere, I’d give them a 2 out of 5 — especially the entrance and entering through the bar.  If I had young children, I wouldn’t go anywhere where they have to walk through a bar.  Cleanliness earns a 3/5.

Finally, food gets a 3/5.  Elizabethe’s dish would have earned a 5/5, and the fish and chips looked pretty good too, but Jennifer’s, Spencer’s and my meals left something to be desired.  I had the prime rib.  It was overcooked and thus a bit on the tough side.  It struck me after it arrived, they never asked how I wanted it cooked.  That said, it was well-done, and for a rare meat guy, that was heartbreaking.   Had it not been for Elizabethe’s dish, they would have got a 1/5 for the food.

The movie was cute.  It’s a take-the-kids type of movie.  While there are some cartoons that I’ve enjoyed as an adult, this was more of a kids’ movie.