Daily Archives: March 3, 2016

Tomorrow Plans

Tomorrow Plans

I’m making some tomorrow plans.  I think tomorrow I will go to the Car Show in Rochester.  I’ve never been to this type of a car show and I need some Tomorrow Plans.  I’ll contact one of my friends and see if they want to go to.

I discovered I missed an entire credit card when doing my taxes.  Wow, am I sure glad I didn’t send it off with that goof up.  Even stranger, it is the card I use the most.

After one of my appointments I swung over the Lowe’s to have them cut me some wood.  Since they give me 2 cuts I can fit the wood in my car and have it cut to manageable sizes.  It almost feels like cheating, but the thing I hate most about woodworking projects is… yes, you’ve guessed it… cutting wood.

It seems odd to mention cutting and taxes in the same blog when they have nothing to do with each other in this context.  Oh,well.

I watched Mitt Romney’s talk at USU today.  It wasn’t what I expected, but I applaud the man.  Mitt’s a sharp guy.  I’m glad he has the courage to stand up to Donald Trump.

Get this…

Some moron ranted about how Mitt Romney is “filthy rich”.  In the same breath, he talked about how he’s voting for Donald Trump in light of what Mitt said.   Hmmm… Let’s see… Mitt’s worth 250 million and Trump is worth 10 billion.  I wonder if this guy knows that 10 billion is more than 250 million.  Nah… don’t tell him.  He deserves to be short-changed the next time he buys beer.

I found someone to go to the car show with me tomorrow.  It should be fun.