Nice Weather

Nice Weather

What nice weather we are having.  It is hard to believe we are getting this weather in February.  February is supposed to make you shiver.

My Tuesday meetings went well.  We received several photos and those gave me ideas for some things for me to photograph.  (I’ve been in a photographing idea slump lately.)

Our temple shift went well too.  Several of the missionaries commented about my photography.  I guess a lot of them didn’t know I do this full-time and have a studio.  As a result, a few of them asked if they can come see the studio.  (It is a good thing I cleaned it up last week!)

While on my break a few of us talked about Israel.  It was nice to hear another person say they felt safer in Israel than they do hear.  (For those who have not been to Israel, there is much hype by the U.S. media about terrorism there.  While there is terrorism there, we have more on U.S. soil in various forms.)

Get It Done on 31 ™

With this nice weather, it is time to start working on my book, Get It Done on 31 ™.  (Visit )  I’ve decided tomorrow after the Chamber of Commerce board meeting I’m going to take a drive down NY SR 31 and Get It Done on 31 ™.

I’ve got to write up something about the Patty Shack.  It’s iconic and worth a write up.  So, tomorrow, that is what I’m doing for lunch.  Hold me to it.

Between here and the other end of Rochester I haven’t done much.  That is about where Paul and I stopped in 2013, and then we resumed the next day going east from Palmyra.  There are places like Mario’s and a few others I’d like to visit along NY SR 31 near Rochester.