Star Wars VII

Star Wars VII

Elizabethe and I finally saw Star Wars VII.  We went to the $5 10am showing in Pittsford.  As we pulled in to the parking lot, there were a LOT of cars by the cinema.  I thought, “Oh, crud.  Everyone’s going because it is a holiday.”

We get in to the theatre where Star Wars VII is showing and it is quite packed.  We picked two adjacent seats as far back as we could.  As I was about to sit down, the man I was about to sit next to looks up and it’s Elder Jensen — one of the temple missionaries.

I shake his hand and I’m about to sit and notice most of the people in that section are temple missionaries.  Surprise!  It was their p-day activity.

Well, I’m not going to talk a lot about the movie.  Harrison Ford offers some great expressions and on-liners that are typical of Harrison Ford and funny.


There was a blanket of snow on the driveway this morning.  It was not much snow.  It was only about 1″ maximum.  I guess winter is finally here.

Of course, last night on the news they were saying, “Wayne County expect 8 to 10 inches of lake effect snow.”

Wow, if I were that innacurate as a network engineer I wouldn’t have had a career as a network engineer.

Windows Tech Support

I got another one of those calls claiming to be from Windows Tech Support.  I thought I’d turn the tables and I asked him for his IP address.  He said it was  I laughed and told him I know that’s a private IP address (one that cannot be routed through the Internet) and told him I needed his routable IP address.  He stuck to his story that was his routable IP address.

He was pretty tenacious and insisted I work with him.  I just said, “Get yourself a good attorney”, and hung up on him.

If any of my readers get a call like that, don’t give them ANY information, and don’t do anything they ask you to do.