Thinking of Pageant

Thinking of Pageant

I’m thinking of Hill Cumorah Pageant and how soon it will be here.  It appears the website is missing the accommodations listings.  So, hopefully, this will show up in a Google Search and people can click here to find lodging.

That’s right, if you are looking for a place to stay during Hill Cumorah Pageant in 2016, you can visit  If we don’t have any rooms available, we will direct you to business that might still have rooms available.  Whether it be hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest homes or other forms of lodging, we can help you out.

Lodging at Beckwith Mansion

Lodging at Beckwith Mansion is still available.  We currently have about 1/2 the rooms booked, but, that won’t last long.  Give us a call at (315) 359-5280 to reserve your room during Hill Cumorah Pageant.

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Newly Mowed Lawn

If you visit and view our rates.

Please note that we have 4 rates.  Two refundable and two non-refundable.  In each there is a discount for paying by check.  Hence, if you want the best possible rates,  pay by check and get a non-refundable rate.


We’ve been having unusual weather for this time of year.  It seems like it rains, and then gets cold, warms up, and rains again.  As a result, we’re having cold weather, but not combined with precipitation.  This is making the grass green, but we’re having some really cold dry days in between.