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Sabbath Day Theme

Sabbath Day Theme

This being the 5th Sunday, we had a joint meeting with the Priesthood and Relief Society on a Sabbath Day theme.  Several members, including myself, got up and told what they do on the Sabbath Day  to keep it holy.

After church, and after a well deserved nap, I watched some of the Kennedy Files.  The more I learn, the more I realize how much evil lurked in that family.  They were involved in so many scandals it makes Nixon and Harding look like saints.  It’s good to see that the JPK Enterprises and the trust payouts are being diluted as the Kennedy family spreads.  It’s an example of how money can corrupt and what the corrupt will do with money.

A candid photo during one of the episodes made me ask, “Is that Barack Obama glumming on to Caroline Kennedy?”

Body language says a lot, so I poked around on the internet and one tabloid claims Michelle Obama received some photos from a foreign nationalist that caused her to blow up and blame Barack of having an affair with Caroline Kennedy.

Creepy?  Yeah.   Down right secret-combination creepy.  It’s all speculation, but it was enough to creep me out and I won’t be watching the series any more.  I’ve seen and heard enough to know the Kennedy’s are not nice people, and neither is the company they keep.

Speaking of a Sabbath Day theme, that probably wasn’t a good uplifting thing to watch on a Sunday.

We served the missionaries tacos for dinner.  I also made a bread pudding that used apple butter between slices of bread.  Oh, was that GOOD.


Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences

There is a concept called unintended consequences.  I cannot believe how many people don’t get it.  When you impose a rule there are natural consequences.  Like in chess, if you don’t foresee those consequences you get unintended consequences.

I’m reading this guy’s Facebook post saying that $15/hour for minimum wage is justified because the big CEOs (of companies like McDonald’s) make too much.


Do you think raising the minimum wage will result in a lower salary to Steve Easterbrook (CEO of McDonald’s)?

According to the Chicago Tribune, Easterbrook makes $1.1 million. So what?  That’s what the board of directors is willing to pay him.  I see no problem with that when you’re running a company as big as McDonald’s.  But, if you think raising the minimum wage is going to result in a lower salary to Easterbrook, then you’re quite naive.

According to the Inquisitr, McDonald’s is going to add automated kiosks so they can reduce employee counts and thus, offset the loss due to a $15/hour minimum wage.   Unintended Consequences!


Authoritarianism is alive and well in government.  Force a company to pay $15/hour and that will solve the problem.

Define the problem?

One of the arguments I’ve heard is that people can’t live off $9/hour (current New York minimum wage).   That comes out to $1584/month.  If I were single, living here in Palmyra, making $1584/month, I could make it work.  … oh, wait.. except for Obamacare which would cost me about $450/month.   But wait!  I could pay the $750/year penalty and still make the $1584/month work.

Aside from that, why do we suddenly think that someone should be able to make a living off a minimum wage?

Why?  Because politicians say so.

We have an authoritarian wage, an authoritarian medical insurance requirement and we have welfare.

Oh!  Welfare.


Why work for $15/hour when you can get welfare?

Another unintended consequence is welfare and its unintended consequences.  There’s a popular article going around about a guy who rents to an unwed mother of two, and because she qualifies for welfare, the county pays her rent.  He moves in with her along with his child, and now they both co-habitate, both qualify for head-of-household tax credits and so forth.  In the end, they are making a comfortable living… off welfare.  Forget minimum wage.

An Idea

Actually, this is several ideas.  Here it goes…

  1. Instead of a minimum wage, require corporations to include their employees in profit sharing plans.  (While, I’m against ANY government involvement in business, at least this one has motivation and merit.)  Profit sharing formulas would have to include hours worked, shift worked, etc.
    1. Unintended consequences:  supervisors might be tough of slouchers because they impact the supervisor’s profit sharing too.
    2. Unintended consequences: Coworkers would be tough on each other because if a coworker slouches it impacts your profit sharing.
    3. Unintended consequences:  Customer facing employees will be nicer to clients so clients spend more money thus increasing their profit sharing.
  2. Change welfare to a work-for-food program.  No more EBT cards or money for food.  Instead, if you go on welfare, you will be required to put in X hours a week before your receive your food.  Your food would be received in the form of staples:  milk, flour, eggs, meat, butter, cheese, vegetables in season, fruits in season, legumes, etc.  Thus, if you want pancakes for breakfast, you can make them from scratch.    It would not include sweets, candies, alcoholic beverages, sweetened beverages (like soda, juice, etc.), etc.  Food would come in clearly labeled packages that says, “WELFARE FOOD – To exchange this food for goods, services or money constitutes a crime.  Violators will be disqualified from the welfare program.”
    1. Unintended consequences:  People who don’t like the welfare food might consider getting a job so they can buy other foods.
    2. Unintended consequences:  People who don’t like having to work for their food can stop working and not receive any food.

Who Pays?

Who pays if minimum wage goes up to $15/hour.  Well, we all do.  If it cost me $10 to produce a widget, and of that $10, $3 is 20 minutes of a $9/hour employee, and now I have to pay that employee $15/hour, the $10 widget is now costing me $12 to produce.  And, if it cost me $10, and I sell it for $25 (250% markup factor), I will now be selling it for $30.

That’s simple math.  That isn’t an unintended consequence.  That’s the logical, natural consequence.

But, to think I have to eat $2 out of each widget sold is absurd.   If I made $1 million a year making and selling widgets, and you cut in to my profit margin, I’m not going to say, “Oh, my, our production costs have gone up 20% and so I’m going to have to take a cut in pay.”

No, I’m not going to say that.  I’m going to turn to my production staff and finance staff and ask, “What do we need to do to bring our profit margin back to normal?”

They might suggest raising the price (as I’ve already demonstrated), but at the risk of selling fewer widgets, they might say, “We can lower the production cost if we layoff 50 people.”

Now, there’s an unintended consequence… again.

In the End

In the end we’ll survive a raise in the minimum wage.  Our quality of life might not be quite the same, but we’ll survive.    We probably won’t see a Dollar Menu ever again, or if we do, it might come from an automated burger machine.  The serious unintended consequences will come 50 60 ,70 years from now… assuming we last that long.


Dressing for a Headshot

Dressing for a Headshot

I addressed the Tri County Networkers this morning about dressing for a headshot. At our Thursday morning meeting at Yellow Mills Diner, I address this team of business owners about the do’s and don’ts of dressing for a headshot.

After displaying a few shirts and explaining why one should or shouldn’t wear such a shirt, I showed a few ties and explained the “meaning” behind each tie and talked about what should or shouldn’t be worn.  Then, it was time for referral sharing time.

I was pleased how several members of the group valued my work.  I’m glad the presentation is over, but more happy to hear the complements.

Next stop was getting an oil change on the car, and then it was home for a short period before moving on to my next appointment.  The oil change went very quickly because I think I was the first customer this cold morning.

After my appointments were done, it was off to catch up on e-mail and stuff.

For dinner I wanted to use up some whole wheat penne pasta.  I cooked it up, and cooked some spaghetti sauce with chunks of sausage in it.  I then mixed the two, covered it with cheese and pepperoni and shoved it in the oven for the cheese to melt.  Mmmm… it was good.

This week has gone by quickly.  It is hard to imagine that January ends in a few days.

Haircut and Show

Haircut and Show

Today was a day for a haircut and show.  The haircut, was as you’d expect.  The show was Elizabethe and I got together with two other couples (our bishop and my home teaching companion and their wives) and I gave them a slideshow about Israel.

It’s been a couple of years since I did a slideshow about Israel and so my “new” presentation has some kinks to work out.  But, we had fun.

How nice it would be to find a couple or a couple of couples who would enjoy me as a tag-along in Israel to take pictures of them and the scenery.  In exchange, I would give them all of the digital files.  (Click here to read more about how this would work.)

And, if there are any LDS Wards out there who would enjoy a fireside about Israel, I’d be happy to accommodate that too (once I get all the kinks ironed out.)

Let’s see… while I’m still on the subject… what little tidbits are exciting for LDS Members…

  • Israel is a symbol of the church
  • Jerusalem is a symbol for the temple
  • Before the children of Israel could pass in to the Promise Land, they passed through the River Jordan (see the first item in this list.)
  • Ceasarea Philippi was a place of idol worship and false god worship
  • Just to mention a few…

We had a good time.  They got a kick out of my pictures of food, but most laughs came from this photo…

copyright 2016 db walton

Marketplace Brass Goods

So, who wants to take me to Israel for me to be their personal photographer?

Speaking Tomorrow

I’m speaking tomorrow at Tri-County Networkers.  I’ve decided to talk to them about how to dress for a headshot and/or portrait.


The Israel Connection

The Israel Connection

What is the Israel Connection between Israel and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

I don’t know how many non-LDS people know that Latter-day Saints (Mormons) have a great love for Israel.  The first prophet and president of the church, Joseph Smith, sent Orson Hyde to Jerusalem in 1841 to dedicate the land for the return of Abraham’s Children.  In October, 1979, after the church had acquired the property where the dedication took place, President Spencer W. Kimbal, dedicated a memorial garden to  Orson Hyde.  That same year BYU Jerusalem Center was announced.  In 1989, BYU Jerusalem Center was dedicated by President Howard W. Hunter.

I’d go back there in a heartbeat.  I love Israel and Jerusalem.  So, when I discovered this, it made me “homesick” for the land of my fathers.

I say the “land of my fathers” because I’m a descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel).  There are many people who fail to understand where they come from – Arabs – Abraham through Ishmael (most of them realize it), and Jews – Abraham through Isaac, Jacob and Judah (most of them realize this too).   What others don’t realize is that Jacob had 12 sons and the posterity of 10 of them are “lost”.  The point here is, much of the world is descended from Abraham.  So, yes, Israel is the land of my fathers.  (I’m descended from Jacob mostly through Joseph and partially through Judah.)

copyright 2016 db walton

Jerusalem at Night


Tonight is our temple night.  (Interesting talking about Israel and going to the temple.)

Okay, this is interesting.  We require members to have a recommend before they can enter the temple.  In the Old Testament in the days of Ezra, they were having a difficult time rebuilding the temple.  Some of the priests had lost their genealogy and so a proof was required.  Hmm… kind of like a recommend today.  (See Ezra 2-8).

copyright 2013 db walton

Palmyra Temple and Snow



A Better Experience

A Better Experience

There is a way to make Facebook a better experience.  I swear, there is so much garbage being posted.  Such garbage destroyed MySpace, and I believe it will eventually destroy Facebook.

Here is my list for making Facebook a better experience.

    1. If you click on something, and it says it will need to login using Facebook, stop there and close your browser and make note to NEVER click on that post again.  Such examples are and  I’ve read articles in computer security columns listing them as two of the top 9 most dangerous web sites to visit.  NOBODY NEEDS TO LOGIN WITH YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!
    2. Using the little arrow in the upper right corner of a post, you can block stuff you don’t want to see.
    3. Using the options under that arrow, you can unfollow a person, block them, or simply hide the post or delete it from your time line.
copyright 2016 db walton

A Better Facebook Experience – click to enlarge

I also have developed some rules…

  1. If I know you and you post obnoxious stuff, I stop following your posts.
  2. If I don’t know you, and you post obnoxious stuff, I block you.
  3. If you post obscene stuff, I block you and report you to Facebook.
  4. If I know you or not, and you troll me or my friends, I’ll block you.
  5. If your a friend (in real life), and you goof up and post something that is from a hacker site, or has some obscene references, I’ll block the site the post came from.  But, if you keep doing it, go back to item 1 on this list.

In the groups where I have administration privileges we have problems with trolls.  (A troll is someone who targets a person or group simply to harass them.)  I report all trolls to Facebook and I also block them from the group.

Making it Work

Making it work is easy on a personal basis, but if enough of us did this, Facebook would start to clean up the trash.  They are all about selling advertising.  They want people to have a good experience so their ads will be seen.

Why I am not a Democrat

Why I am not a Democrat

Someone one asked why I’m not a Democrat.  From the earliest memories of my understanding of politics, I’ve never found the Democratic Party to be very supportive of what I believe.  Now, I say supportive because their platform lists a lot of good ideas, but in practice, their members (those in Congress, the Senate and the Executive Branch) don’t seem to act in accordance to their own parties platform.

That is why I am not a Democrat.

Here’s some recent examples…

  • Platform Ideal:  Ending the war in Iraq
    Actual action:  Publically announced withdrawal of troops in Iraq and the same time as sending more troops to Iraq.  The withdrawal announcement in 2011 by President Obama was being cheered while more troops were being sent to Iraq.
    The Problem:  The problem is, we were lied to.
  • Platform Ideal:  Protecting Rights and Freedoms
    Actual action:  Christian business owners and professionals are being persecuted for their religious convictions.  Business owners being fined and sued because gay marriage goes against their convictions.   Or, doctors being fired and fined for not performing an abortion even though their religious belief is that abortion is murder.
    The Problem:  The constitution protects religious beliefs.
  • Platform Ideal:  Transparent and Accountable
    Actual action:  Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and the list goes on, are allowed to keep things secret, while this administration continues to preach transparency.
    The Problem:  The leadership is being transparent and so there is nobody who can/will hold them accountable.
  • Platform Ideal:  Countering Emerging Threats
    Actual action:  Cyber Crime against individuals and small businesses is on the rise while there is little recourse.  For example, I was the target of a scam.  The local police couldn’t help, my bank wouldn’t help, the FBI wasn’t interested.  Thus, nothing has been done to prevent cyber crime.  Recent terrorist acts have been blamed on firearms instead of the parties responsible.  Our own Commander in Chief has taken a weak stance on ISIS (and continues to call it ISIL).  AND, the Democrats seem to think the weather is a bigger threat than all else.
    The Problem:  We aren’t kicking-butt where we need to kick-butt, and we spin our wheels thinking we can actually impact the climate.

I could go on, but let’s look at what they have accomplished lately…

  • Weakening the family structure – DOMA was a step in the right direction, but in the last 7 years, the Democrats have managed to destroy that.  Social programs that reward unmarried couples by providing more welfare to unmarried cohabitating couples only keeps people from forming legitimate families.
  • Affordable Care Act – Which is anything than affordable was a windfall to the big medical insurance companies.    As a result, insurance rates went up.  Medical costs continue to rise, and many feel they were better off before the ACA.  It is very important to note that the ACA was passed without a single Republican vote in both the House and Senate.
  • A Weakened Economy – While they continue to produce reports stating how great we’re doing, they also changed the metric for measurement.  I saw this all of the time in the business world.  Someone would turn in a report that showed the results were down, and someone higher up would say, “We need to fix this.”  Then, the person doing the report changes the metric so the numbers look better, and the higher-up says, “That’s more like it.”  Bottom line is, things still got worse.  A 5.9% unemployment rate with 23% out of work is what I’m talking about.  All it took was a redefinition of what “unemployed” means.

Finally, I look at the ethics of those involved.  Politicians on both sides have their scoundrels, but I have a hard time with people like the Clintons, Obamas, Barney Frank, Joseph Morrissey, the Kennedy boys (John, Robert, Ted, etc.) and other whoremonging politians… and if you keep score, it seems to be higher on the Democrat side than the Republican side.

In all fairness, I’m not to fond of the Republicans these days.  Too many of them are Democrats in sheep’s clothing.  Or, as Michael Savage would say, RINOs – Republicans in Name Only.

What I want in a politician

What I want in a politician is this…

  • One who has a happy and successful marriage
  • One who believes in God and keeps God’s commandments.  While the atheist may find this offensive, but I do not believe an atheist can make a good president.  Why? Because they have no belief in a higher authority who will hold them accountable after they die.
  • One who believes the government’s roles are few and well defined in the Constitution
  • One who is above reproach in all matters.
  • One who believes the government cannot, nor should it, try to fix everything.
  • One who understand that high taxes are a burden upon the people and that debt isn’t good.

My Personal Ideals

My personal ideals are more in line with my religious beliefs.  As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we’re taught that authoritarian (now being called “populist”) and totalitarian rule is contrary to God’s teachings.  We’re taught that the 10 Commandments are still valid and important.  We are taught that life is sacred and the giving and taking of life must be done within God’s guidelines.  (Thus, abortion is a very serious sin.)  We are taught that sex is reserved for marriage and sex is to be reserved between a married man and woman.

So much of what happens in politics these days goes against my personal ideals which are based upon what God has said through his prophets and apostles.  Thus, when any politicians presents or votes for laws that make it difficult to keep God’s commandments, then I’m against that politician.  Unfortunately, most of those politicians are Democrats and a few are Republicans.

There, I said It.

I don’t really associate with the Republican party any more either.  Most of them are Democrats who don’t like Democrats who call themselves Democrats.  A good example is John McCain.  I think the Republican Party turned in to the  Democrats Called Republicans Party when they nominated him to run for president.  That doesn’t leave much of a choice for those of us who want to see a real change.

I’m a man without a party.

Charity Walks

Charity Walks

I got an e-mail last night asking me to join a charity walk.  I’ve done a couple of charity walks in the past, and my motivation for doing them wasn’t so much because I wanted to support the charity, it was because of the social aspect.  I know, that’s not the right attitude or reason for doing one, but honestly, I think most of the participants were doing it for the same reason I was.

The ones who were really passionate about the walks were the ones volunteering to support the walk.  The passionate ones weren’t the ones walking (or in other cases, running or riding their bicycles), but the ones working the registration booth, feeding the participants lunch and offering other support services.


This got me thinking…

Aside from raising money for a cause, what does a charity walk, charity run or charity bicycle ride do?

Take for example the 25-50-75 mile bicycle ride I used to participate in while living in California.  It was for a worthy cause.  It cost us about $35 to participate for which we were fed lunch and got a t-shirt.  At the end, the charity probably got about $15-20 of our money.  At the end of the 50 miles, we had sore butts, but we had a great time socializing as we rode our bikes for 4-5 hours.

What did the charity gain by our riding our bicycles for 50 miles?

Not much, if anything.  Our riding didn’t cure any disease.  Our entrance fee, provided very little towards a cure.  The small amount raised was only a fraction of what is raised when a philanthropist donates a few million dollars towards finding a cure.

Perhaps it made someone feel better because they participated?  I don’t know.  I can’t say.


Alternatively, why don’t we have fund raising events that actually accomplish something?

Here’s an example…

How about a charity walk where every participant is given a 33 gallon trash bag.  As they walk, they pick up trash along the highway.  Trucks with billboard signs can be posted at the start and end of the walk route that says,

Walk to cure ______ (disease)_____
Please slow down.  Trash pick up ahead.

If you like our making your community prettier,
please donate to the _______________ Society
and help us find a cure.

Or, something like that.

Habitat for Humanity is an excellent example of accomplishing something. While their activities are directly tied to their organization, they still produce a tangible result.

So, here are some ideas for various charities like the MS Society, American Cancer Society, and others who sponsor charity events.

  • Sidewalk snow removal – encourage homeowners to donate to the cause and send a group of volunteers out to simply shovel the sidewalks in the neighborhoods
  • Trash pickup (as already mentioned)
  • Revitalize a public park – encourage community members to donate to the cause and come to the park afterwards for a celebration
  • Have a group of volunteers go to the home of someone who is incapacitated by that disease and clean their yard, paint their house, or some other act of service.

There are other things they could do, those are just a few examples.  I just think if we’re going to make an effort to do something, let’s make an effort to actually accomplish something.


Choice Compared

Choice Compared

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we often talk about the plan of salvation and the War in Heaven.  I see that as a road map for choices.  It has caused me to take time for reflection.  I will take choice compared with a couple of every-day choices.

PC verses Apple

I will probably tick off a few Apple owners here, but here’s the choice compared.  The choice is whether to use an Apple or PC.

Apple offers one option – their option.  Apple as a corporation has been known to ban certain products because of the not-invented-here syndrome (example, Adobe Flash).

PCs offer multiple options.  The PC is an open architecture that allows for individual choice.

I’m not claiming Apple Mac’s are evil, or that their users are evil, I’m using it as an example to illustrate a point.  Apple’s corporate philosophy is much the plan presented that we would be forced to conform.  The PC philosophy on the other hand is much like the plan presented that we would be given our choice.

Fortunately, we live in a world where we can choose to buy an Apple or a PC or a Linux box or a Chromebook, etc.  But, imagine, if you will, how limited the world would be if our only choice was an Apple product?

Politics and Laws

The “Populist” movement (authoritarianism) is gaining momentum.  Authoritarianism is alive an well in politics.  The way it works is this… create laws that force behavior.

We tried this with prohibition, and it didn’t work.  Prohibition was much like Lucifer’s plan to force people to do what is right.  Most people will agree that alcoholic drinks and wreck families, cause people to make dangerous choices (like driving drunk) and cause health problems (like liver failure).  However, forcing people takes away their moral agency.

The Affordable Care Act is a good example of authoritarianism.  It is the most protested law I have ever seen in my life time.  Why?  People don’t like being forced to do something.  The Affordable Care Act is an attempt to force people to have medical insurance.

This is a tougher issue.  It plays upon people’s emotions.  While we have the agency to vote for our favorite candidate, once an authoritative law is enacted, it becomes very difficult to remove it from the books.

Individual Responsibility

Individual responsibility is under attack today too.  Years ago I had a boss who banned all working from home because one individual took advantage of the privilege.  Instead of saying, “You have the choice to work from home, but if you abuse the privilege, you will lose that privilege,” they said, “Because one of you abused the privilege, all of you lose that privilege.”

Punishments should not be removed.  Instead of a law, for example, that says, “You must wear a helmet when riding a bike,” how about a law that says, “If you choose to not wear a helmet, you will be responsible for 100% of all medical bills if you are injured.”  The former is authoritative in nature.  The latter supports choice and ACCOUNTABILITY.


In conclusion, things that remove choice and individual accountability are contrary to God’s plan.


Vacuum Cleaner Belts

Vacuum Cleaner Belts

I go to Lowe’s to get vacuum cleaner belts and the selection is overwhelming.  Imagine how great it would be if manufactures got together and standardized on common things?  Look at the USB port on your computer.  Wouldn’t it be nice if something as simple as a vacuum cleaner belt was as universal as a USB device?

Of course, it would be better if they would simply eliminate the need for a belt.  Conversely, the could create an indestructible belt.  Imagine a Kevlar belt that will outlast the rest of the hardware.

I’m surprised they don’t do like the computer industry.  The computer industry sells prints at a loss because they know they will make up for it in the cost of ink or toner.  I bought a printer for $99, but the ink cartridges cost nearly as much as the printer.

I found the correct belt, bought a two pack, and then proceeded to do some other shopping at Lowe’s.

Number 2 Reason for Moral Decline

I laid in bed early this morning attempting to go back to sleep.   While laying there, I mused upon the moral decline in this country.  Years ago a friend said it all started with the legalization of abortion.    I’m not sure how one might go about proving that, but abortion has contributed to moral decline.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that the entertainment industry is the number 2 reason for the moral decline.  For example, Rolling Stone Magazine has been doing a series where they have a graph.  One side the graph has “For us”, while the other side has “Against us”.  The problem comes in when the “For us” side list evil activities and people with bad behavior, while the “Against us” side has a list of good activities and people with good behavior most of the time.  Thus, we have a popular entertainment magazine calling good evil and evil they call good.

It wasn’t long ago that if someone used a 4-letter cuss word on TV the TV station would be sanctioned or fined by the FCC.  Here in 2016 you can watch a prime-time TV show and hear words that were previously banned on public TV.

Entertainers push for the legalization of dangerous drugs, rationalize that health damaging drugs are actually good for your health, and promote their use.  They also promote sex outside of marriage and other immoral practices.  Tattoos are the norm, not the exception, and they glorify the degradation of the mind and body.

Number 1 Reason

Naturally you ask what the number 1 reason is.  The number 1 reason for moral decline is that people follow the entertainment industry.  I remember years ago hearing a man say that Lou Gehrig was his idol when he was a young boy.  He said, “Imagine what a young boy would have done had he seen Lou Gehrig smoking a cigarette.”

Today, so many entertainers live a dark, sinful life.  Not all of them, mind you, but a great number of them, and they are the ones that remain in the public eye.  As a result, impressionable people attempt to imitate these people.

TV shows no longer show dating and courtship.  Instead they show sex, one-night-stands, and brief “hook-ups”.  Impressionable minds then seek to imitate this behavior.  There’s probably no way to measure how many young adults have a one-night-stand because their idol on TV had a one-night-stand, rationalizing that it is okay because it worked for them.

The trend can be reversed, but it would put a lot of actors out of business.  Imagine how Hollywood would respond if a movie like How to Be Single wasn’t attended.  And, when movie goers were asked why they didn’t see it, people responded, “I saw the previews and the previews glorified fornication and alcoholism and that’s not entertaining, but disgusting.”  If enough movies like that flopped, Hollywood would have to change or lose money, and they will choose to change.

Unfortunately, people do go to movies like that.  People put up with vulgarity, fornication and adultery, drug abuse, alcoholism, nudity, homosexuality, and unnecessary violence.  As long as they put up with it, and pay for it, it will keep getting produced.

Life imitates art.  As long as the entertainment world produces trash as art, people will attempt to imitate it.

I cannot put the entertainment world as the number 1 reason because if people didn’t glorify the entertainers and their products, the entertainment world would not produce trash.  So, the number 1 reason is us.