Oh the Pain

Oh the Pain

Oh the pain I feel after yesterdays tromp around NYC.  The bottom of my feet hurt (it appears these new shoes aren’t that great for being on my feet all day), as well as my knee.

I only got a few hours of sleep because I had an early meeting.  After that, I was wide awake and unable to go to sleep so I started in on the photos from yesterday.

copyright 2015 db walton

Tania in NYC Library

Who would have thought that the NYC public library would be such a great place to shoot.  Finding some less used stairs, I simply positioned the client near a window to get this wonderful loop lighting on her face.

I’ve put together a NYC mentoring class (see http://www.dbwalton.com/store/nyc-mentored-model-shoot/) for those who would like to learn how to find light like this, pose people, and take great pictures in public locations.  I will contract with a model (like Tania) to model for the shoot and you just need to bring your camera and be prepared to learn and get some great photos.

I spent most of the day catching up on e-mails, uploading my photos from the trip, and retouching a few of them.

Came dinner time I was exhausted and stiff and sore.