Dealing with Microsoft

Dealing with Microsoft

Another day dealing with Microsoft.  I called in the morning as directed last night.  I finally got through to someone named “Ann” (or, at least that’s what it sounded like.  She had a heavy accent.)  She took a lot of information and then said someone will call me in 2 hours.  (By this time, it was noon.)

I continued to work on non-computer stuff in my office and 2pm came and went.  4pm came and went.  6pm came and I knew at this point if they call it was too bad because I have a client coming at 6:30pm.

My client came and went and I backed up the images via my laptop and headed to the house.  It’s 10pm at this point and I’m not real happy with #Microsoft.  They keep making promises of call backs and the don’t happen.

Chatting with a few people on social media, I think the best thing is to wipe my hard drive and go back to Windows 7.  Once I get it all installed and reinstall my applications, I’m going to mirror my hard drive and store the copy away.

What drives me craze is I give them a case number and I get the run-around.  “I can’t update the ticket”, or, “That’s a tier 2 ticket, you can only talk to tier 2, I’m tier 1.”  And, when I ask to be transferred they make excuses as to why they can’t.

I suspect tier one is in one country, and tier two in another and the time zones make it awkward.  Who knows.  This much I do know, Microsoft has a product with more bugs than should be allowed in a release.

I think it was when Windows 7 came out they had a program that you could run and it generated a report that told you whether your hardware was ready for Windows 7.  I remember running it and getting a message stating some of my hardware wasn’t ready.  A few months later I re-ran it and it said my machine was ready.  At that point, I upgraded.

With Windows 10, they should have had something like that.  Heck, just build it in to the installation process.  I’m 99% sure the reason why my machine is crashing is some of the hardware drivers are not Windows 10 compatible yet.  And, not only are they not compatible, Windows 10 does not handle the error exceptions nicely.

Also, when I went to install my graphics card Windows 10 driver (it came out 2 days ago), Windows 10 crashed and the error pointed to Windows 10 installer being corrupted.

So, today ends with no resolution from Microsoft.

Tomorrow Windows 10 will be removed via a re-format of my hard drive.  It’s a drastic move but I’ve given Microsoft every chance to fix their problems.