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Any Recourse

Any Recourse

You have to ask yourself if you have any recourse after installing Windows 10.

First, Microsoft was supposed to call at 8am this morning.  That was the appointment time they set up.  They didn’t call me until 7pm.  Yes, 11 hours late.

After they called, the worked in my machine for a few hours and then decided they would let it sit and see what happens over the next 24 hours.

During that 11 hours I decided to go see what storage solutions I could find.  I’m at the point where I need to purchase a larger storage solution, but also, in case I’m forced to purchase another computer, I thought I’d go check out computers too.

I ended up getting a router that supports 2 USB 3.0 drives as well as an eSATA drive.  I also picked up two 5TB drives.

When I got home I tore things apart setting up the router and the drives.  However, it is all temporary as I need to make a shelf.

So, Elizabethe goes to Lowe’s to pickup the wood for my shelf, but their saw is broken.  Uhg.  So my office looks like a scene from Spies Like Us where the floor is all torn up and wires are all over the place.

Again, I ask if there is any recourse?  Can a consumer hope for anything better in a situation like this?

I’ve learned a huge lesson.  It is this… you get what you pay for and Windows 10 Update was FREE.  Yeah, I really got sucked in to being a free (unpaid) Beta Tester in this case.

Full House for Dinner

Full House for Dinner

We had a full house for dinner.  Jennifer’s family, plus the missionaries, plus one of our renters and me and Elizabethe makes nine.

Jennifer and Spencer prepared dinner.  The cooked a roast with all of the trimmings.  The potatoes were from our garden.  (We had a big crop of potatoes this year.)

We have a new missionary in our ward.  Sister Rogers from Sandy, Utah.  The sisters came back a couple hours after dinner and taught our friend David a discussion about the Priesthood.  The discussion went well and we all enjoyed a bowl of ice cream after the discussion (courtesy of David).

After dinner I ran out to the studio to check on my PC.  Yup, it has a BSoD (Blue Screen of Death).  I’m beginning to dislike Microsoft more and more… but not as much as I dislike Apple.  How unfortunate it is that most of the software I use only works on the PC, and a few packages work on Apple or PC.

The big frustration is my PC is a six-core 3.3GHz, 16GB RAM machine.  That won’t be cheap to replace if it turns out to be a hardware problem.  (Which I doubt it is.)

Waiting for Support

Waiting for Support

When something is broken, waiting for support is the hardest thing.  Between the washing machine and computer, I’m thoroughly frustrated.

Sears is supposed to be here between 8am and 5pm to fix the washing machine.  Microsoft is supposed to call me back in a few hours to work on my PC’s BSoD errors.

I spent a good portion of the day attempting various things on my PC.  It gives a BSoD with most anything I try.  This is crazy.  I’ve gone the entire week without being able to use my desktop.  (I’m working from my laptop, which, by the way, is working okay with Windows 10.  That tells me it is probably a driver incompatibility with something inside my HP.

The lawn is mowed and at least I don’t have that glooming over my head while I’m trying to resolve my computer issues.

On the brighter side, Elizabethe and I celebrate 18 years of marriage today.  Yes, we have now been married to each other longer than we were married to our previous spouses.

Jennifer and Spencer and kids arrived home late from their trip.  They stopped on their way and picked up groceries for tomorrow’s dinner.

Oh, Sears never did show up.  I’ll have to call them on Monday.  In the mean time, our washing machine gives an HF error.

At least when an old ringer stopped working, you could see WHY.

I’m starting to hate technology.


Another Shot

Another Shot

I got another shot of cortisone today.  This time in my shoulder.   After the accident my shoulder hurt.  Of course, in the ER they took x-rays of a lot of stuff, but didn’t say anything about anything being broken in my shoulder.

A few days after the accident, I had bruising on my right arm — an indication that someone pulled me by that arm as there were 4 large finger-sized bruises on one side, and a big thumb-sized bruise on the other.  And, that shoulder was hurting, but because I was in bed I didn’t think anything of it.

Then, when I was up and about using crutches, the shoulder started hurting again.  And, again, I didn’t think much about it.

About 9 months after the accident, I was going about my daily routine and my should just started to hurt.   I kept putting off doing something about it until I saw the doctor for something totally unrelated and he suggested I come back to get x-rays.

So, today they took x-rays and explained why my shoulder is hurting and gave me a shot of cortisone.  It seems the tendon got stretched when my arm was pulled on because of an impingement and it is acting up this late because other medications have been masking the injury to my shoulder.

The body is a complicated machine.

Nice Work

Nice Work

My son-in-law does nice work.  He’s been pulling bushes out that Elizabethe doesn’t like.   He managed to get quite a few pulled and in to a brush pile for the Village to pick up.

In between appointments I have been trying to stop Windows 10 from rebooting on my every couple of minutes.  It’s a bit of a disappointment.  Microsoft has made some many drastic changes, some unnecessary, that make adapting to Windows 10 a nightmare.

Take for instance the use of F8 to bring up the re-start options.  It is gone.  The new browser doesn’t allow you to specify that you want to use your open windows as start windows each time you run it.  The option to boot to safe mode has been convoluted as well as the old “run” option (which is there, just not where you would expect it.)  Task manager looks different and it isn’t as easy to find the control panel either.

It also wants to communicate via the Internet.  While you can turn that feature off, it is kind of frustrating when you go to log in to your computer and you get a “wrong password” error because it wants your Microsoft password, not your computer password.

The inmates appear to be running the asylum at Microsoft these days.  It was bound to happen after Bill Gates stepped down.  The Windows Phone, which was the best smart phone out there, got left by the wayside.  Windows for desktop users got pushed aside for tablet-like interfaces, and now Windows 10… sigh…  I really think Google is going to dominate the computer industry. (Perhaps they already do?)

Microsoft, you could have dominated the smart phone world, but you blew it after you bought Nokia’s smart phone division.  Are you doing the same with the desktop computing world?  No, not everyone uses a tablet.

The scary thought is, at what point will their abandonment of common sense lead me to abandon common sense and starting using Apple?  Many of my complaints about the new Windows 10 are very much like my complaints about Apple OS.

I am enjoying my new Android phone.  My old Android table was a piece of trash.  The Android OS felt clunky and unresponsive.  They have definitely made improvements with this OS and the hardware (a Moto X phone) is quite nice.  While it is a proprietary version of the Moto X, for $25/month and a $130 phone, I’m loving this more than I ever did the iPhone or the Windows phone.  Again… Microsoft… wake up.

So, my complements to my son-in-law for the nice work in the back yard, to Google, Motorola, and Republic Wireless for a nice phone, and to my wife for putting up with my distraction of getting my computer working.  Nice work… all of you.



Windows 10 Bug

Windows 10 Bug

I’ve discovered a Windows 10 bug.  That is why my computer keeps getting a BSoD.  While my laptop does not, my desk top does.    As a result, I’m using my laptop more because it is annoying to have your computer reboot while you’re trying to send or read an e-mail.

I searched the support pages and evidently this is a huge problem.  Some people have fixed it, but applying their fixes has lessened the reboots, but it hasn’t resolved them entirely.

How frustrating.

I took a break to go to my networking meeting, but so far, all of my efforts have been futile.

It is late and I’m thinking I’ll just leave it sit until the morning to see if my issues are fixed.

Tommorrow I’ll have to call Microsoft.


Other than my computer problems, it is fun having the grandchildren around.  They are intrigued with my Zizix doll.  (It’s like a talking Magic 8 Ball.)  They keep coming in to my office to ask questions.  Of course it has a limited number of responses, but they get a kick out of the answers.

Spencer has been pulling bushes out of the back yard.  He’s got a lot cleared and it is a win-win for all of us.  I’m enjoying having Spencer and Jennifer around too.

Windows or My Drobo

Windows or My Drobo

Is it Windows or my Drobo that is causing my machine to BSoD?

My computer kept rebooting while I was trying to copy the pictures from my trip yesterday.  I can’t tell if it is my Drobo (which I’ve been thinking of updating/upgrading) or my computer (which just had Windows 10 installed).

I had my missionary meeting mid day, and my PC even rebooted once during my conference call.  The dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) came on and once that happens, it’s restart time.

All of my troubleshooting left me doubting both systems.    Soon it was time to go to the temple and I still hadn’t resolved my computer problems.

I went to the temple thinking that would give me a break, at least, from dealing with it.  Upon returning I went back to work.  I then got the idea to use my laptop.  So, I grabbed my laptop, connected the drive to it, and began making the copies.

Perhaps I can use my laptop to research how to fix my desktop?

It is odd that Windows 10 would start giving my problems now.  It’s been running for several weeks now without a hitch.

It appears to be the computer, but at 12:00am it is something I will leave for tomorrow.


Last Chance Pictures

Last Chance Pictures

Today are the last chance pictures of the Priesthood Restoration Site.  I’ve got to get the pictures uploaded by tomorrow so they can use them.

Elizabethe and I left the house around 8am and headed down there.  We got there and met a brother from the missionary department who walked us down to the Joseph Smith House and left us to photograph it.  I spent a good hour and a half photographing the inside and then went to the Isaac Hale home and did the same.

Next stop was the new Visitors’ Center.  There I photographed the new displays, followed by the nice theater and chapel.  After that, it was a walk through the Priesthood Restoration Grove (love it in there).

I took about 300 frames, and both Elizabethe and I were getting hungry.

We met our friend Matt Baker at a local restaurant where we enjoyed a nice meal, and then it was on the road back home.

The site opens on August 29th, 2015.  It is worth the drive to Pennsylvania (from Palmyra) to see the new site.

Visitors from Pennsylvania

Visitors from Pennsylvania

We had visitors from Pennsylvania today at church.  It turns out many of them volunteered help at the Priesthood Restoration Site.   We talked about the site and I told them I was heading down there tomorrow to photograph the site one last time before it opens.

It is scheduled to open next Saturday, 8/19/2015.  Tomorrow Elizabethe and I will go down there and I will photograph it.

We had stake priesthood meeting tonight.  I was asked to play the organ.  After the meeting President Brighton gave a wonderful talk.  He didn’t beat around the bush but came right out and listed things we all should be doing.  I very much appreciated his candor and instruction.

After that, the missionaries came to dinner.   It was just them as Jennifer and Spencer and family are down in Pennsylvania looking at property.

Some how, the bottle of cayenne pepper got labeled Chili Powder.  As a result, the dish I made was VERY spice as cayenne is very hot and chili powder is not.

It was okay.  The sister missionaries liked it, and Elizabethe forced it down with lots of sour cream.  It was tasty, but even for me it was a bit spicy.


Pickup and Motorcycles

Pickup and Motorcycles

We looked at a pickup this morning.  It was cheap and we thought it might be a good yard truck.  Later, I did a photo shoot involving motorcycles.  Hence, it was a day for a pickup and motorcycles.

My fall the other night still has me shaken.  I’m hurting as a result, but the fact that I (a) didn’t trip, (b) slip or (c) otherwise stumble at my fault bothers me.  It would have been easier to take if I tripped over the garden hose, for example.  The fact that my knee just decided, “Nope.  I’m not going to hold you up,” is unnerving.

I worked on getting set up for my evening shoot after taking a very long, and deserved, nap.  I figure rest would be good for the healing process.

Right before the shoot I couldn’t find my flash meter.  Oh, how frustrating it is when I can’t find something I recently had.  I asked if this was a PTSD symptom and was told it is not, but may be a secondary symptom.  Hmmmm… I mentioned this to someone else whose spouse has PTSD and she says her spouse also does this often.  Secondary or not, I wasn’t this way before the accident.

My shoot went well.  Two guys with their big motorcycles.  We even used a couple of smoke bombs for one of the pictures.  It was purple, but oh well.  (Later, I converted it to B&W and the purple smoke looked very cool in B&W.)

Tomorrow is church so I better get more rest.  I’ve had a very sore day.