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Cove Fort

Cove Fort

For the first time in my life I visited Cove Fort.  This is a fort that was built to give rest to tired travelers.  It sits at the junction of I-15 and I-70 in central Utah.

Three of the girls and their kids, Elizabethe and me went down there and met up with Jake, Aaron and Curtis from the Church History Department.  I did some photography for them while the ladies and kids took the tour.  We then had a nice picnic lunch on the grounds.

This was the home for Ira Hinckley, an ancestor to my daughters and also Gordon B. Hinckley.  Thus, it has historical significance to the church, and also my children and grandchildren.

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Cove Fort

It was fun learning the history about it.  And, it was fun taking photos that will be used in a web site about Cove Fort!

When traveling on I-15 through Utah, it was worth the stop for the 45-60 minute visit.  (Clean restrooms too!)  The fort is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and free tours are given daily.  (And, who would expect to find an old abandoned truck at a church-owned site?)

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Old Truck at Fort Cove

I rode home with Rebecca and Zoe and we made a stop by Paul O’Donnell’s.  It was nice to see him.  We didn’t have much time to visit, but it was nice all the same.

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Paul O’Donnell

Rebecca dropped me off at Amber’s house and continued on to the baby shower.  I spent the evening shooting pool with my two sons-in-law – Jason and Ben.  It was a blast.  I introduced them to Badfinger (that was the band we put in our play list on Pandora) and we shoot pool to music I grew up on.

Waffle Love

Waffle Love

Today’s breakfast was at Waffle Love.  It’s a small hole-in-the-wall place in Provo.  It’s a bit on the pricey side, but the waffles are sure good.

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Waffle Love, Provo, Utah

After that, we went to look at the Provo City Center Temple.  This is the former Provo Tabernacle turned temple.  It’s near completion from the looks of things, and is quite pretty.

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Provo City Center Temple

Our next stop was to find me a blazer.  They are hard to find here, and given so many men in Utah wear suits on Sunday, I figured we’d find one.  I struck out at Ross and Kohl’s, so we went to Mr. Mac’s.  Not only did I find one, it was on sale!  To top that off, it fit well right off the rack, so I bought it.

Tomorrow the plan is to go to Cove Fort, so we ended the day with a trip to the store to buy sandwich stuff .  We have to leave at 6am so we plan to just grab the food, put it in the ice chest and make our lunch at Cove Fort.

Utah Today

Utah Today

We arrived in Utah today.  Our early morning flight arrived on time and our travels were without incident.

Rebecca picked us up at the airport and we drove to Draper where we met Natalie and Amber and their kids for lunch.  We had lunch at a taco/burrito place.

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Amber, Rebecca and Natalie

It is fun to finally see Bradley.  Brianna and Zoe have grown quite a bit.  Bradley is a little unsure of me yet.  He’s starting to warm up to me but he looks at me like, “Who are you?”  (In a good way.)  Zoe, on the other hand, was talking up a storm as soon as she saw me.

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Grandson and Daughter

After lunch, Rebecca cut my hair, and then we went over to Amber’s house.  Amber and Jason have a lovely home with a finished basement.  They are putting us up on one of the bedrooms down there that is quite nice and is across the hall from the downstairs bathroom (a full bathroom).

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Getting a Haircut by My Daughter

Elizabethe and I were quite exhausted from our early morning trip to the airport and so we took a nap and then spent the rest of the evening with our kids and grandkids.

We talked about our plans for the rest of our stay and Brianna’s baptism.

Vision Scare

Vision Scare

My wife had a vision scare, and today we visited the retina specialist.  She has macular degeneration and it has been a very emotional day — especially for her.

The doctor did say there is no reason for us to cancel our vacation.  (That would have been real tough to deal with both — loosing her vision and not getting to go to Brianna’s baptism.)  They gave her a shot in the eye and put her on some vitamins especially designed for vision health.

She’s got a “blister” on the back of her eye.  They showed us pictures they took and it looks like a blood blister with a ring of fluid around it.  This explains the spot in her vision that she noticed yesterday and was the cause for alarm.

The doctor sounds positive that they can help slow the degeneration down because it was caught early.  However, it sounds like she will have to have shots every 6 months for the rest of her life.

We got packed and ready to go, and then went to the temple.  Elizabethe’s eye hurt (understandably, because they gave her a shot in her eyeball!), but she endured our shift.

We have to get up at 2am to go to the airport.  I guess we can sleep on the flight.



What’s a BoM FHE, you ask?

Well, BoM is short for the Book of Mormon, and FHE stands for Family Home Evening.

A good friend has done a lot of research in to the printing of the first edition of the Book of Mormon.  He is so in to it he has reproduced first editions using many of the techniques they used in 1830.  Tonight, be did a Family Home Evening about how the Book of Mormon was printed and bound.

The entire process gives understanding as to the  monumental task that E. B. Grandin and Joseph Smith faced.  5,000 copies was nothing trivial in 1830.

The process of bookbinding, of itself, is an art.  Watching how the pages were folded, stitched together, and how the cover was applied is amazing.  Then, once it was bound, it had to have a label affixed and gold trim applied.

If you visit Palmyra, you can visit the Grandin Press.  (215 E Main Street), but after visiting the Grandin building, go next door to Latter-day Harvest House and you can purchase a replica of an 1830 edition Book of Mormon.  And, if you have questions, talk to the manager, Mark.  He can tell you more about the 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon than anyone else.  He is an expert on the subject.

High and Dry

High and Dry

High and dry is how you felt when our first high council speaker started to talk.  He left you feeling like he wasn’t totally prepared, but it turned out it was an object lesson in preparedness.

I was so tired this morning.  I could have just turned around and gone back to bed at 8am, but given I’m the ward organist, that wouldn’t be cool.

Making it through 3 hours of church was a struggle to stay awake.  The combination of a week of school followed by a day of mowing the lawn has left me quite tired – physically and mentally.

I took a good long nap after church.

My brain is still in a lighting mode.  I keep thinking about cool lighting scenarios using ordinary lights in unordinary ways.  I’ve always been intrigued with LEDs ever since they came out in the 1970s.  At first, there was only one color LED and it was red, and it wasn’t a very bright red.  Then they came out with yellow, green and orange, but it was said they would NEVER have a blue LED and because they would never achieve blue, they would never have a white LED.

Today, white LEDs are awesome, especially the CREE LEDs.  These super bright white chips will replace florescent and incandescent bulbs.  It is just a matter of time.


Day After Pioneer Day

Day After Pioneer Day

It is the day after Pioneer Day, and we’re going to celebrate it with ice cream.  The ward is having an ice cream social tonight in honor of the Pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley.

I got an early start on the lawn, but only got about 1/2 the front lawn mowed when there was a cloud burst.  By the time I got inside, I was soaked.  I then waited a couple of hours for it to clear and dry a bit before finishing the lawn.

Mowing the lawn is hard work even with a tractor.  I can’t imaging trying to do the entire lawn with a push mower, or even a self-propelled walk-behind.  It’s just too big.

Being away from social media (for the most part) this last week is like a vacation from TV.  You come back to it and you realize how moronic much of it is.  I swear, people put their brains in park when they enter the world of social media, and I’m embarrassed to say I may have fallen in to that trap too.  It’s really time to set a time limit on looking at that stuff.

I think it is really sad when a politician comments about a bill and doesn’t bother looking at the voting records.  That’s an example of the brain-in-park I see on Facebook that just drives me nuts.  Add to that stupid quizzes and memes.  I saw one today that had “pople”.  What is “pople”…. oh, “people”.    It’s not like my spelling is the greatest, but when you’re trying to make a point with a meme, at least spell-check your words.

Well, the ice cream social was nice, but I was worn out after mowing the lawn.  So, we stuck around long enough to grab a bowl of ice cream and then we headed home for the evening.

Last Day and Exam

Last Day and Exam

It is the last day and exam for CPP.  I’m the exam proctor which means I stick around for 3 extra hours to administer the exam.

I had three people taking the exam.  After it was over, I loaded the exams in to a FedEx envelope and drove them to the Victor FedEx store to ship them back to PPA for scoring.

On my way to Victor I missed the exit and ended up all the way at the I-90/390 interchange.  That added about 45 minutes to my travels.  So, by the time I got home it was about 5:15pm.  I was tired and beat.

I pulled leftovers from the fridge for dinner and then went to my office to catch up on my blogging.  (It is now Saturday, and I’m still catching up.  Oh, after this one, I will be caught up!)


Workshop Day 4

Workshop Day 4

It is Workshop Day 4 today.  Tonight is the banquet which means it is going to be a long day.

Here’s what we did in workshop today:

At the banquet we had a nice dinner that consisted of some good BBQ chicken, sausages and pulled pork.  Now, that’s my kind of dinner.

I won a $100 gift certificate for retouching services.  Elizabethe commented, “But you do your own retouching.”  Yes, that’s true, but if I can off load some work when I get busy that will be nice.  And, if I get too busy, I may off-load all of my retouching.  (Oh, how I hate when people call it editing.)

Just for grins… here’s some responses…

Q.  What do you use to edit your pictures?

A.  (While holding up my index finger) This.  I just press the delete key.

Q.  Did you edit this picture?

A.  No, the edited pictures are in the trash.

Q.  Can you edit this?

A.  Why?  Don’t you like it?

In fact, I think do a session with some old 4-by proofs and when someone asks, “Can you edit this”, I’ll just tear up the picture and say, “Okay.  That’s done.”

Editing images, to me, is culling the bad ones out of the good ones.  Retouching is what you do in Photoshop and programs like that.  I know… this is one of my pet peeves.

By the time I got out of the banquet it was about 9pm.  It went on a bit long.  Tomorrow is the last day.

Day 3 with Talise

Day 3 with Talise

Day 3 with Talise at workshop.  Yes, Talise went with me to workshop.  This meant having her get up bright and early.

As we were about to leave, I suggested we set off a smoke bomb.

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Smoke Bomb

I think I need to work on the positioning of the model and the smoke.  Yeah… you can come to your own conclusions.

Workshop went great.  Talise was a great model, and then she helped out with the child models who were there.  She did a fantastic job helping keep them happy and focused.

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Talise with one of the Child Models

Michael Barton had a great time photographing her too.  He spent most of the morning photographing Talise.

I handed my camera to another photographer and asked him to get a picture of Talise and me together.


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Talise and Me

Michael also brought in a bunch of flowers for us to photograph.  So, after lunch we photographed flowers.  ( Talise had a blast with too.)  Talise also picked a few flowers outside on campus to add to what Michael brought.

I had fun playing with my LED light and using it to light the flowers.  I’ve discovered that LED lighting is a very high temperature (like 11,000K) and I’ve got to learn how to set my camera for the right temperature when you don’t know for sure what it is.

However, color aside, I got a very cool black and white of the flowers Talise arranged this afternoon.


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Flower Arrangement

I love the textures and tonality I was able to get with my LED lighting.

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