Cloud Bursts

Cloud Bursts

Today we had a couple of huge cloud bursts.  One was around 3pm, and the other was around 6pm.  The latter one occurred while I was at the temple.  A group of youth came in soaked to the bone.  Someone commented, “It looks like they already have been baptized.”

copyright 2015 db walton
Puddles During the Down Pour

I stood at the doorway to my studio with my telephoto lens and took some pictures of the big drops splashing in the 1″ deep water.  I wasn’t about to leave the studio in this down pour.  The water was too deep and coming down too fast.

The rain did make the plants look nice and green.

copyright 2015 db walton
Rain on the Plants

During the evening storm, you could look from the temple and see the rain coming down in the foreground, and steam rising from the Sacred Grove.  Even later, on our drive home, the steam was creating tule fog along Stafford Road.

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