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Garden Weather

Garden Weather

If ever you could call something garden weather, this is it.  It has been tropical rain forest weather this this summer.

The down side to this damp warm weather are mosquitos.  I went out to pick some peas and was attacked by the little vampires.  They are quite thick this year.

That gives me an idea… a hula-hoop with holes that you pass over your body while it sprays you at 360-degrees with DEET.  I know my wife would appreciate that.

The kitchen is undergoing a deep cleaning in anticipation for our Pageant guests.  The place smells like pine sol right now.  But, that smell goes away quickly.

After Elizabethe got home we went to the Joseph Smith Farm where the sister missionaries are teaching one of our friends.  It was a great discussion followed by some blueberry bread I had made as a treat for after the meeting.  Time flew quickly, before I knew it one of the sisters announced that the site closes at 9pm and we need to leave.

We’re only a little over a week away from Hill Cumorah Pageant.  People are already descending on Palmyra to help with the setup of the stage and technical aspects.  The first Pageant performance will be July 10th.

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Hill Cumorah Pageant

If you plan to visit Palmyra for pageant, make your room reservations!   Lodging is scarce.   We actually have a couple of openings, but don’t think you’re going to find something once you get here.  Call now!  (315) 359-5280.