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Cyber House Cleaning

Cyber House Cleaning

It is time for some summer cyber house cleaning.  I’m not talking about cleaning up my hard drive, but cleaning up my social media accounts.

Most social media accounts refer to it as “my profile”.  My house is exactly that, it is my house.  Why should my profile be any different.

I will not allow certain activities under the roof of my house.  I’m very clear that I don’t allow drinking, smoking or illicit drug use.  People using foul language in my home are asked to stop, and if they continue, I tell them to leave.  Why should things be any different in cyber space?

Too many immature folks think it is okay to resort to name-calling in cyber space.  I believe some of them don’t even realize they are doing it.  At the same time, many of them wouldn’t have the nerve to speak to someone like that in person.  The ease of hiding behind that electronic barrier must make them feel powerful and smart.

Part of my reason for house cleaning is having been suckered in to contentious arguments.  I have to remind myself what Benjamin Franklin said, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

The other part is I’m tired of putting up with abusive people.  Once such person sent me a private e-mail berating me for a comment I made on a photography group about RAW and JPEG files.  His reason for messaging me privately had nothing to do with photography and had everything to do with berating my religious beliefs (which were not even part of the discussion about RAW and JPEG files.)  It was uncalled for, and a personal attack.  Others will repeatedly stalk postings in an effort to exert their opinion and attempt to tell you every reason why you are wrong and they are right.  (I often want to reply back and say, “You don’t wear arrogance well,”  but that would only fuel their puny fire.)  I have no use desire to associate with cyber bullies.

Notifications are pulling me away from my work too often.  A while back I changed what I was notified about, but I still get too many notifications from people who post immoral and offensive materials.  (And, if they find my posts offensive, perhaps they too should unfriend me and spend less time reading what I say.)

Someone commented that comments to my blog don’t immediately appear and they were upset about that.  Well, I don’t live my car unlocked with the keys in the ignition either; I hope that doesn’t upset them too.  Again, this is my blog.  It’s my personal (but publically accessible for reading) journal.  If I let ever post immediately appear you would find posts about get-rich-quick scams, male enhancement drugs, and other stuff I don’t want appearing on my blog.    My blog is my record of my thoughts and activities that I want to share with friends and family and interested party.  It isn’t, in itself, a social media forum or chat room.

So, likewise, my social media pages are going to be cleaned up in an effort to keep things civil.  This will mean some deletion of “friends” who have a hard time keeping not tracking dirt into “my profile”.  But, it is my cyber space and it has got a little cluttered.

Elder David Bednar last year at Education Week gave a great talk on this.  This is part of my effort to follow his advice more closely.  (click here)


Today was a very busy day starting with an early morning haircut followed by other meetings.  One such meeting had some no-shows which was very frustrating.    In my 15 years in business I think I have only missed one appointment because I failed to write it in my appointment book.  In this case, I have no idea what happened with the representatives from this company.

Most of my afternoon was spent working on a painting for a client.  The client has commissioned three small paintings, and this is the last of the three.  I love the feeling when a projects comes to a conclusion.

Came dinner time I was just wiped out and ready to call it a day.