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It Is Finished

It Is Finished

I heard the most ridiculous thing on the radio.  A Christian radio program had some guy who claimed when Jesus said, ‘It is finished,’ he meant we no longer need to abide by laws or ordinances.  He went so far as to specifically single out the commandment to keep the Sabbath Day holy.

That left me thinking wow!  So, this guy believes the 10 Commandments are no longer necessary.  While he didn’t go through each of the 10, he specifically said there is no need to honor Sabbath day observance.  It only stands to reason he implicated the other 9 in his statement that we “no longer need to abide by laws”.

While I know there are those who believe that once you confess Jesus all of your sins will be forgiven.  While I believe that Jesus atoned for our sins, I also believe one can’t confess in hypocrisy.  For example, Jesus specifically said if we do not forgive others we will NOT be forgiven.  That’s just one example of the conditions of forgiveness.

The guy on the radio kept repeating the phrase, “It is finished.”   It was as if to make a point that we are to simply give up and do as we please as long as we accept Jesus.  And, if it was finished, why did the apostles continue on teaching and BAPTIZING.  Yes, that was another one, while not specifically mentioned by the guy on the radio, that we don’t need to do.  He specifically said there is no need to perform ordinances.  He didn’t specify which ones, but he did say ordinances are not necessary.

Huh?  Again, what were Peter, James and John doing after Christ’s resurrection?  (See Acts 2:38)

So, contrary to what the guy on the radio said, I was off to the temple tonight.  It was a nice evening.  We were busy and got a lot of work done.

You see, as far as I’ve read, baptism is necessary, and what type of God would keep someone out of heaven because they haven’t been baptized?  Instead, he instituted a plan where those who died without baptism can have that ordinance performed by a proxy as there are no baptisms performed after this life.  This is no guarantee the spirits of those deceased will accept the baptism.  They still have their agency, but at least the ordinance has been performed and it is now up to them to confess Christ and accept the baptism.