Solo to Watkins Glen

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The Falls in Color

Solo to Watkins Glen

In spite of my best attempts to find someone to go with me, I went solo to Watkins Glen.  I took over 320 photos.  Many were long exposures in color, others were infrared and some pinhole.

copyright 2015 db walton
Me at Watkins Glen

And, here’s an infrared from my X-T1… amazing what that camera can do…

copyright 2015 db walton
Infrared Photo of Watkins Glen

It was a delightful sunny day, and there were LOTS of tourist at the glen.  Most of them were middle school students on a field trip along with several groups of Chinese tourists.  At times, I would have to wait for the crowds to pass to take the picture, but because some of them, like the above B&W infrared were very long exposures, people tend to blur away.

I took two trips back to the car to exchange cameras and/or lenses.  That equates to three trips up the canyon.  Yes, I got some exercise, but I also got some great shots.

Here is a pinhole shot I took.  The problem with pinhole is you can’t see anything through the viewfinder and so you’ve got to kind of work blindly.  If you notice, the pinhole and the infrared are shot near the same location.  Both were about 30 second exposures.

copyright 2015 db walton
Pinhole Shot of Watkins Glen

A lot of people think because a pinhole is so small the images are razor-sharp.  Well, they aren’t, but they do allow for some VERY long exposures.  (The above was about 30 seconds.)

Finally, at about 2:30pm, I decided I should get some lunch.  I went to the Burger King just the other side of the river and they are CLOSED!  Instead I ended up driving to Geneva and going to Taco Bell where I waited for nearly 20 minutes for a couple of tacos.  (Yeah, they were back there yacking and texting.  I think if I owned a franchise the rule would be no phones on your person while working.)

One last stop before I went home and that was at Hill Cumorah.  I spent some time chatting with the missionaries there and got a couple of good photos…

copyright 2015 db walton
Sisters Showing the Map of the Trails

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