Daily Archives: June 10, 2015

Working Wife

Working Wife

I have a working wife for the next few weeks.  Elizabethe is back at her old job while the person who took her job 3 years ago is out on maternity leave.  It’s funny, because most of the training materials they gave her to bring her up to speed were written by her.

I bet’s she’s glad she documented things well.

That leaves me to fend for myself.  While I enjoy cooking, my busy schedule took me to fast-food places a couple of times today.

So, I walk in to McDonald’s and a toddler greets me with a big smile.  I said, “Hi,” and she proceeded to get shy.  On the way out, her mom asked if she was going to tell me, “Goodbye”.  Again, she got shy real quickly.

I stood there and we had a great conversation about family and the area.  I explained that what we were doing wouldn’t have happened in California, but it happens all of the time here in New York.  People, in general, are more friendly here.

Driving through Macedon I saw today is their dissolution election day.  While I think people are going to be in for a huge surprise a few years down the road, I’m glad I don’t live there, and I hope we don’t have that sort of in-fighting take place here in Palmyra.  My prediction:  Taxes for most homes in Macedon will go up in about 3-5 years and the people outside the former village will have regrets for having made this move.  The people inside the village will enjoy their lower taxes.

This evening I address a group of people who call themselves the RPEG – Rochester Photo Editing Group.  It was a delightful group – largely older, retired folks, who love learning about Photoshop and other digital photo manipulation techniques.  (I really dislike calling retouching or manipulation “editing”… but you knew that if you’ve been reading my blogs.)  Aside from the name, it was fun.