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Smoke is Salty

Smoke is Salty

Did you know that smoke is salty?  I learned that the hard way many years ago making jerky.  I added salt to the marinade and the resultant jerky was too salty to enjoy.  The next time, I did not add any salt, and what came from the smoke created enough saltiness.  (This is because the white ash is sodium hydroxide, and it adds enough sodium to the meat during smoking to make it taste more salty.)

For dinner tonight I smoked an entire package of Italian sweet sausage with chunks of maple from the tree that was cut down last year.  Not only did it bring out the saltiness in the sausage, but it added a nice sweetness from the maple wood.  Mmmm….mmm… good.

Sisters Jones and Stafford came to dinner and we had smoked sausages on these home made hot dog buns from the Pittsford Dairy.  Those buns were DELICIOUS too.  The two together were amazing when you added some of our home made relishes.

Church today was fast Sunday.  We nearly filled the entire building there were so many visitors.  I’m guessing there was close to 1,000 people attending today.  Yes, it is tourist season.

When Visiting Palmyra

When visiting Palmyra, come stay at the Beckwith Mansion.  (www.beckwithmansion.com).  We are located on Main Street, Palmyra, and we offer off-street parking.  We are also walking distance from restaurants, parks, the E. B. Grandin Building (Book of Mormon Publication Site), Alvin Smith’s Grave and many museums in the Village of Palmyra.

Attending the temple too?  Let us know when you call.  We are only 2 miles from the temple.

We offer affordable lodging.  We’re not a hotel, motel, inn or B&B (Bed and Breakfast), we are a tourist home.  We can’t always guarantee a room with a private bathroom, but we never have issues with guests sharing the big bathroom upstairs.  So, if that doesn’t bother you, come, save a few dollars and stay with us.

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