Daily Archives: June 5, 2015

No Mowing Today

No Mowing Today

No mowing today.  By the time I could start, it started raining.  So, problem solved.  It has to wait until tomorrow.

Today was another very busy day starting with my early morning breakfast networking meeting.  I turned in 3 referrals today!  Three!  Now, if you’re a business owner, wouldn’t you like work being sent your way?

If so, you should consider joining our group.  Leave me a message and I’ll tell you how.

The road to recovering from my accident has been a long painful one.  Last night I had the worst headache of my life.  Even when I had the sinus infections as a teenager they were not this painful.  I woke around 3:30am and I thought the back of my head was being pulled open by the short-hairs.

It was a Catch-22.  The more it hurt, the more I stressed about it making it hurt more.  Finally, I suggested Elizabethe massage my neck.  That helped a LOT.  Once I relaxed I was about to go back to sleep.

Last night has left me drained and so after dinner I was ready to call it a day.  I’m actually glad I wasn’t able to mow the lawn because I just don’t think I have the strength.