I think flossing is one of those things nobody in their right mind likes to do, but we’re told we must if we want to have good dental health.  A former dentist once told me, “You don’t have to floss all of your teeth,” and when I looked at him with surprise he added, “only the ones you want to keep.”

So, why didn’t God create some healthy bacteria that would live in your mouth and keep your teeth clean and healthy?

You’ve got it.  I hate to floss, but during the last 6 months I’ve done a pretty decent job of remembering.

I had my six month check up today and when it came time to spit it didn’t look as gross as past check ups.  No blood. (Which, I’ve been told the more you bleed, the more it is an indication you haven’t flossed enough between checkups.)  The hygienist only suggested I let the floss scrape the sides of my teeth more.

The temple had a few guests tonight.  It was a nice evening, but it would sure be nice to see more people on a Tuesday night.


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Palmyra Temple at Night

When I came out of the temple, it was a bit cold. The temperatures have really dropped. They say tomorrow night they will be down to the high 30s. Brrrr…

After that, they go back up and we’ll be back to the 70s before you know it.