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Going Under Tomorrow

Going Under Tomorrow

I’m going under tomorrow while they operate on my leg.  I’m quite anxious about it.  They really haven’t told me much on what to expect.

While working in the temple tonight I got thinking that perhaps after tomorrow this knee pain will be a thing of the past.  I got a blessing from my home teacher and was given good assurances.

I’m supposed to be there at 10:45am.  At least I can sleep in and feel well rested when I get there.

They asked me to bring my MRI CD.  I wanted to respond saying, “What?  You didn’t make a backup?”

They also ask you to bring a copy of your will.  Like that’s reassuring!  At least they don’t ask you to pick out a grave site and coffin.

How come they never ask, “What’s your favorite restaurant?  And, would you rather have a gift card for dinner for two at that restaurant or would you like us to pick a restaurant for you?”

One of the sisters at the temple said her and her husband would bring pizza to us tomorrow so Elizabethe doesn’t have to worry about fixing dinner.  We’re sure blessed with some great friends.

Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine

I used to love Peabody and his Wayback Machine.  It was a cleaver way to teach history.

I had a dream last night.  In the dream it was last week and I knew it.  The strange thing is, it was like I was living it for the first time with a single exception.  That exception was I knew what was going to happen in a few days and I was presented with the opportunity to do something about it.

As I stood there talking to a person who was about to meet a tragic death I realized that although I new what was going to happen, she did not.  A cold feeling of helplessness overcame me in the dream.

I turned to Elizabethe as my skin turned pale and said, “She doesn’t know.”

Faced with the dilemma many time-travel science fiction stories are faced with, I though, “Can traveling back in time change the future?”

Like many dreams, I then woke realizing it was just another nightmare associated with feelings of helplessness.  I woke my wife and shared it with her.  She shared an interesting insight from Orson Scott Card.  She said Brother Card handles this in as if you went back in the past and changed things it wouldn’t matter because the future you now know becomes irrelevant because it never happened.

Okay… interesting take for a plot, but the fact of the matter is Michele still lost her life.

A friend posted this on Facebook which brings some solace.

President Featherstone pondered and wondered what he might say to comfort this family who was very faithful in the Church who had strong testimonies and an understanding of the Plan of Salvation. What could he say that would comfort them. The Spirit prompted him to tell them that upon her death she was embraced in the arms of the Savior and the terrible memory of the circumstances surrounding her death was erased forever.

I got thinking though… In my own life, if I could travel back in time and tell my younger self three things, what would it be (besides “Yahoo!”… okay, that’s a reference to the movie Frequency if you haven’t watched it.)  Here’s my list…

  1. Disassociate yourself with anyone who ridicules or puts you down in front of others, or those who take joy in doing this to others.
  2. Please God, not people or trust God, but don’t trust people who don’t trust God.
  3. Pursue your good ideas.

That’s really about it.  No, I wouldn’t give myself tips on what stocks are going to do great.  Instead, I chose these three things that had I learned them earlier in life they would have saved me a lot of grief and disappointment.

Conference Session

Conference Session

There was a conference session today for the women.  Elizabethe decided to stay and watch it on BYUTV, so I joined her.

Like the priesthood session, this is probably the largest gathering of women in the world, yet you don’t hear the liberal media talking about it.  You don’t read how millions of women have gathered for this conference.  Tens of thousands gathered just in Salt Lake City, not to mention all of the stake centers where it is broadcast and those who watched it on TV or the Internet.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds a general conference twice a year.  There are six sessions – a woman’s session, a priesthood (men’s) session, and four general sessions.  Each session has a purpose.  The conference held in April is called the Annual General Conference, and the one in October is the Semi-Annual General Conference.  All are broadcast via the Internet at and also on BYUTV as well as others.


We met with our contractor about Elizabethe’s ideas for changing the bedroom.  Elizabethe asked about doing it in phases to which he told us that would basically double the cost.  I then suggested we just don’t finish it all at once.

Friday Fish Fry

Friday Fish Fry

Friday fish fry is a big thing out here.  I didn’t realize how big until tonight.

We met our friend Gary and Gerri Morse at the Fairville Fire Hall for their Friday Fish Fry.  Gary texted me saying they serve between 1300 and 1700.  I thought he was speaking military-time.  I thought ending it at 5:00pm seemed early, and thought perhaps Gary meant between 3:00pm and 7:00pm.  It turns out he meant they serve 1,300 to 1,700 people a night.

We got there and the line was quite long.  Seated on banquet tables, they promptly brought our plates with a huge slab of fish, a baked potato, apple sauce, coleslaw and a bun.  For $10 it was a decent meal and the fish was prepared perfectly.

It was a fun evening.

Earlier today, after a rough morning as it was (accident related), my daughter Amber alerted me to some very, very sad news.  A family friend, and my daughter Rebecca’s best friend, was brutally murdered by her husband last night.

The news has spread world-wide and a decent summary of the sad event is here:

I cannot put my head around it.  I called my daughter and I could tell she was in tears.  She shared with me information about Michele’s husband I was unaware of and how she had been pleading with her to leave him.  Later, I found an article on the Internet claiming he had been arrested several times for abuse.

It is a sad day.  A GoFundMe account has been created for the Davis children.  Actually, two accounts have been created. They are here:

GoFundMe account 1

GoFundMe account 2

The second account was established by her brother-in-law and is growing the fastest, and the other account seems to have been created by a non-profit organization which I am not familiar with.

Michele and Rebecca were best of friends.  My daughter, Rebecca, posted several pictures of them together at various activities.  You never imagine something like this happening to someone so close to your family, and I’m sure the Erlick (Michele’s maiden name) Family never imagined something like this would happen to their dear Michele.

From the news accounts, it sounds like John Davis admitted to stabbing his wife when he called 9-1-1.  He’s in jail with a $2,000,000 bond.  The children are staying with relatives.

NAPA Auto Parts

NAPA Auto Parts

The Canal Connection Chamber of Commerce had its business after hours at NAPA Auto Parts.  It was nice to meet the owner.

The new chamber of commerce has a business networking event monthly.  A few of us were commenting on how so many struggling businesses are missing out on a great opportunity for MORE business through the chamber and its networking events.

Like they say… you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

Speaking of networking, after my morning networking meeting, I headed to Wegman’s for grocery shopping.    They had these little pita breads and I thought those would make for some amazing sliders.  So, I picked up a bag of them.

They also had deli sliced ham for $4.99 a pound.  That put me in the mood for a ham sandwich.  After I got the groceries put a way, I made a nice ham sandwich for lunch.  It made all the limping around in Wegman’s worth the effort.

With spring coming, I’m looking for portrait customers.  If you know someone who needs a portrait, wants a portrait, or wants to give a portrait session as a gift, send them my way.

D. Brent Walton is the owner of photography by db walton llc ( which is located in the cottage at the Beckwith Estate (  If you are traveling from out-of-town, stay with us and have your session the next morning.  We’ll give you a discount if you do both.  We are not the only photographer in Palmyra, New York, but db walton IS the ONLY Certified Professional Photographer and Photographic Craftsman in Palmyra, New York. 




Pre-op sounds like something they do with a razor to remove body hair before they cut in to you.  It actually turned out to be a physical exam with the signing of a lot of paper work.

I went for my pre-op appointment today as I will undergo surgery next Wednesday on my knee.  While it is technically related to breaking my tibia when I was hit by a car, the knee joint is giving me most of the problems.   (If you saw how I was hit you’d be amazed that I don’t have a torn MCL.  But, a broken tibia plateau is part of the knee too.)

The nurse who administered the EKG was quick.  I was expecting her to say, “hold still now”, but all of a sudden she was removing the pads and said I could put my shirt back on.  In astonishment, I asked, “You’re all done?”

The same nurse was also very good at drawing blood.  They often have a hard time finding a vein on my left arm.  She looked, saw where to press with her finger, and the next thing I knew, she had the needle in there and was drawing blood.

I’m amazed that nobody has talked to me about what to expect after the surgery.  I asked the nurses who did the pre-op work, but they could only give an generalized answer.  I remember before having surgery on my sinuses my doctor took a skull and showed me exactly what he would be doing.  Looks like I’ll be asking a lot of questions come operating day.

Career Fair 2015

Career Fair 2015

I participated in the career fair 2015 at Pal-Mac High School.  This is my second year participating.

I’m a people-watcher.  I watch people and notice their behaviors.  While, some people actually do that as a pastime, I do it out of curiosity.

I notice the majority of students would come in to the room, make a 360-degree loop around the room, and leave.  Some of them would even come back and do that again.  I counted 4 laps for a pair of girls.  They never stopped to talk to any of the businesses, they just gabbed to each other and made their circles.

Another peculiarity was most of them would not make eye contact with anyone.  It kind of reminds me of how people walk by homeless people.  There were a few who didn’t make eye contact because they were busy looking at their phones, but most just looked at their feet or straight ahead.

New Flash

I have a news flash.  If you’re a parent or if you are close to a teenage, please share this with them.

Those business owners at the career fair hold the key to YOUR future.  Don’t get me wrong, not all of the students were like that.  There were some who made bee-lines towards certain tables and they talked with the representatives there.  And, some tables were more popular than others.    Many of them will be asked, “Should I hire (fill-in-your-name)?”  And, if they remember you from a career fair or if you behave in your interview the way you behaved at the career fair the answer will probably be, “NO!”, if you weren’t dressed right or sociable, or, “Yes!”, if you were dressed right and left a good impression.

The answer is simple, but may require some practice.  Here’s my advice when attending a career fair…

1)  Dress nicely – nobody wants to see your butt-crack (yes, for one young man that was an issue).  Dress like a business person.  Don’t wear some shirt with a double entendre meaning, or some huge clothing logo on it.  It’s just for one day.  Do it.

2)  Treat every business person there as though they hold the key to your future by… 1) looking them in the eyes, 2) giving a smile, and saying, 3) “Hi”, “Hello”, “Good morning”, or some other friendly greeting.

That’s it!  It is that simple.

While I do not remember my high school holding a career day, we had one in college.  As a result of my “working the room” at the college career day I got the following:

  • A firm job offer from Hewlett-Packard in San Diego
  • A job interview at Lawrence Livermore Labs in Livermore, California, which lead to a very lucrative job offer
  • A firm job offer from the Navy (also in San Diego)
  • An offer to interview with the C.I.A.
  • Numerous phone calls from recruiters for the weeks that followed.

While none of those led to the job I accepted, it was comforting to know, and uplifting to my confidence, that I didn’t have to worry about having a job after college.  And, having three firm offers, in addition to one that I secured on my own, meant I had bargaining power.  I remember telling my first employer about my other offers and I used that to get a sign-on bonus, moving expenses paid, and a month’s living expenses.  They knew I was serious because if they didn’t get me, H-P, LLL or the Navy would.

I remember going to that job fair dressed in slacks, a dress shirt and wearing a tie.  I brought with me a leather folder with a one-page resume printed on linen paper.  I had 25 copies and I placed them strategically.


185 Years

185 Years

It was 185 years ago that the Book of Mormon first went on sale in a book store in Palmyra, New York.  Tonight they had a lovely open house to celebrate the event.  Missionaries dressed in period clothing explained who they were portraying and the role that person played in the coming forth of the Book of Mormon.

copyright 2015 db walton

Mr. & Mrs. E.B. Grandin greet Martin Harris

Whether you know it or not, what happened in this small printing shop on Main Street in Palmyra changed the world.  This book has gone throughout the world and is only superseded by the bible in the number of languages it is printed in and the number of copies that have been printed.

copyright 2015 db walton

Sisters Take a Selfie Before the Crowds Arrived

It was a nice evening.  The visitors were given explanations as they went from place to place inside the Grandin Building.

No Dinner

No Dinner

No dinner for the missionaries tonight.  Well, I mean, we aren’t feeding them tonight.  Someone else is.  Somewhere along the line someone took one of the Sundays so we’re feeding them mid-week this week.

Our new site directors spoke in Sacrament Meeting today.  They were serving as mission president in Sierra Leon and the mission was closed due to the Ebola outbreak.

Matt taught both Sunday School and Priesthood today.  He does a great job and sure knows how to present using is Mac and iPhone.

I decided to watch a few episodes of Chopped.  I like chopped because of the out-of-the-box thinking that takes place.  And… sometimes the lack of creativity too can be learned from.

For example, one episode they had lobster and they had vegetable cream cheese.  To me, I’d be combining the two, transforming both in to something new.  Yet, nobody thought of that.

I would have fun on Chopped.  Elizabethe tried to apply for me, but at the end of the process, their web site crashed.  Weeks later, I attempted to apply for Chopped.  Again, at the end of the process their web site crashed.  I can now see why they keep re-using some of the contestants.  It is difficult to apply.

We woke to 3″ of snow this morning.  Yes, it is supposed to be spring, but the snow is still coming.



My blog has 756 subscribers.  I didn’t realize it had grown so big.  I wonder how many actually read each post, but either way, 756 is impressive to me.

While we have a decent number of subscribers, it also attracts quite a few hackers and scammers.  I actually had to block these IP addresses and URLs containing these words (and if you run a blog or web site, you might add this list to your black list.)

It is beyond comprehension as to what is in it for people from other countries to post messages that are (a) difficult to understand because of poor grammar, and (b) have bad links to non-existent web sites.  But, that is what happens with a lot of these posts.  (By the way, in the list, if the last octet is missing it means the entire range from 0 to 255 is blocked.)  Most of these appear to be overseas.

But, to those in the 756 who read my blog, thank you.


It is a wet drizzly day today.  It is still cold, but not cold enough to snow.  This means this cold rain is slowly melting what snow is left.  Soon, we’ll be left without any snow so the grass and flowers can grow.

I took a drive down to Wegman’s to get some produce.  The place was packed.

Note to self – don’t go shopping on Saturdays.