It Is Done

It Is Done

It is done.  Hill Cumorah Pageant 2014 is over, finished, done.  A lot of the people have already left, and many more will be leaving tomorrow.

We still had about 1,000 people at church today.  Speaking of church, we had a few changes.  We had a new member of the bishopric called, a new elder’s quorum president, and a new stake YW president.  And, after all that stake and ward business, we got to hear from our speakers — Elder and Sister Stewart, site directors.

Something got goofed up and we didn’t have any missionaries for dinner.  Although it was a bit of a disappointment, it worked out well because a distance 1/2 cousin came by to visit.  Art and Joyce Knowles came to visit.  Art is also a great-grandson of Joseph Croft Knowles.  However, he is a descendant of Joseph’s 2nd wife, Clara Tacey Conrad, whereas I’m a descendant of his 1st wife, Laura Matilda Baugh.

Our family of 6 who were participating in Pageant have left.  We still have a missionary couple who will be here until Tuesday.  We also have a couple arriving tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the start of PPSNYS Workshop.  It will be a very busy week.