One of the most rude songs I’ve ever heard is titled Rude.  One of the local stations repeatedly plays it.  I’m undecided if the title describes the character in the song, the song itself, or the dad in the song.  I think the author has aimed the title at the dad in the song, in which case, it makes the song all the more rude.

After a failed marriage, someone close to me said she decided if she were to remarry should would give her dad complete veto power.  Literature has its share of stories about two lovers who decide to marry, and their parents are completely against it, but they do it any way.  It makes for a nice story, but in reality, it is typically a formula for disaster.  By allowing her parents veto power, this woman acknowledged they can see things she may not.  Hence the saying, “Love is blind.”

My fear is that young women hearing this song will swoon and hope they have boyfriend like that.

News Flash!

If the character in the song Rude is your ideal of a boyfriend, you shouldn’t be dating.  And, if you marry someone like that, it is sad to say, you will get what you deserve (and it won’t be a happy moment.)

I’ve heard it said many times that divorce is to easy in our modern society.  Perhaps marriage is too easy.  Upon hearing the song Rude, I immediately thought about the story of Jacob and Rachel.  (If you’re unfamiliar with the story, I’m not going to re-tell it, but I encourage you to read it in the Old Testament.  It starts in Genesis 29.)  Although I do not think arranged marriages are equitable, I do think parents-approved marriages are more likely to last.

Pageant 2014

I took a trip out to Hill Cumorah this afternoon.  Last night was the first performance.  This afternoon, I got there as they were concluding their devotional.  Not only do cast members practice like crazy to put on this pageant, between practices, many of them participate in musical performances at devotionals.

After a while, I could smell the BBQ smoke from the food tent.  I thought this picture would tell the story about how important the food concessions are at pageant…

copyright 2014 db walton

List of Charities

Those are the many projects and charitable organizations that receive financial help from the sell of food at pageant.  So, when you go to pageant, please patronize the food concessions.

When you aren’t at pageant, it is important to patronize the local restaurants and businesses too.   The public facilities (streets, street lights, sidewalks, water, sewer, etc.) are maintained by our taxes.  Our property taxes are among the highest in the state.  These businesses need your support.  By doing your part in patronizing these businesses you will help keep Palmyra from falling in to disrepair.

For those who have never been to Hill Cumorah Pageant, here are a few tips to help you plan…

  • Plan your trip about 12 months in advance.  Please don’t wait until June, July, or during pageant to make plans.  You will most likely be disappointed, and we’d rather you have a pleasant experience.  Plan ahead.
  • Lodging is sparse, and more expensive than lodging in the west.  (see my comments above on property taxes)  Plan on spending more on lodging.
  • Food prices are low, and most places in Palmyra offer generous portions.  Please plan on eating most of your meals at local restaurants.  You’ll get your money’s worth.  A calzone at Nima’s (under $10) will easily feed two adults.  A $7 lunch special at Happiness Garden is more than I can finish, and I typically have leftovers for breakfast.
  • Services are inexpensive here.  If your car breaks down, you’ll find auto repair prices are quite reasonable.
  • Although we are about 6 miles from a Walmart, I encourage you to shop local if you need something.  We have a pharmacy right in the middle of the village (across from the Grandin building) that has competitive prices and can get you an emergency Rx for what you’d pay at Walmart and you probably won’t have to wait as long.  We also have a grocery store (Breen’s).
  • Try to spend at least 3 days here.  Don’t rush your visit.
  • Pageant attracts a lot of people.  There are only 3800 of us who actually live in the village of Palmyra, and there are about 10,000 tourist on any given day.  So, heaven forbid, if you have a bad experience with someone, chances are they are a tourist too — don’t blame the locals.  Protesters are not local to Palmyra, in fact, most residents dislike the protesters being here during pageant.
  • We get over 1,000 people attending sacrament meeting.  Arrive a little early.
  • If you’re part of a group that is using the local chapel, please remember we’re just one ward meeting in that building.  Please help us out by leaving the building spotless.  Accept our apologies if it wasn’t spotless when you arrived.  So many people use our building that we cannot clean it between uses.
  • Remember the Sacred Grove is just that… It’s sacred.  Enjoy it.  Spend time there.  (But, remember, we have mosquitoes.   Prepare for them and your visit will be more pleasant.)   To me, it’s an outdoor temple.  It is one place we know God the Father and Jesus Christ have visited.  I love to spend time in the grove.
  • Other sites that have buildings/visitors’ centers will be crowded during pageant.  Be prepared for crowds and/or waiting in lines.

Of course, we’d love for you to visit when it is not pageant season too.