Going Ape

Going Ape

I’m going ape today.  Yes, I went to see the newest Planet of the Apes movie.  This was an epic thing back in the 70s.  I attended a Planet of the Apes movie marathon at the local drive-in back then.  As a diehard fan, I can’t let these new ones go unseen.  (I admit, I’m one behind, but it is available for rent so I will see it soon.)

It was pretty decent.  Lots of action.

Trivia… did you know in the 2nd movie, the lead character’s name was Brent?

Hill Cumorah Pageant

The pageant’s opening night is tonight.  Elizabethe and I are going twice next week, but not tonight.

I will probably head over to the hill tomorrow before the performance to get some photographs.  I thought about doing that today, but then I thought it will probably be a little hectic tonight and might be better for me to wait until Saturday.


A recent Gallop Poll reports that just 18% of Latter-day Saints are favorable towards President Obama.  I don’t care to say anything about that specifically, but it surprises me when it comes to issues surrounding the commandments that Latter-day Saints would align themselves with anyone who goes against those commandments.  Probably the most critical issues are those dealing with abortion and the sacredness of marriage and family.

God  is very clear on the seriousness of abortion.  God is very clear about the sanctity of marriage and that it should only be between a man and a woman.  So, regardless of what political afflation someone holds, it is a matter of character to support those who allow for the faithful to keep the commandments.