Hong Wah

Hong Wah Chinese Restaurant

A friend treated me to lunch today at Hong Wah Chinese Restaurant in Penfield.  For about $6 you can get a lunch special with entre, rice and egg roll in a pleasant sit-down restaurant.  I was quite impressed.

Today was another one of those very packed days.  The morning started off with a networking meeting at the Log Cabin Restaurant.  I sent straight from there to the Smith Farm to take some pictures for an assignment.


copyright 2014 db walton

Replica of Box Used to Store the Gold Plates

One of the items I was to photograph was a replica of the box Joseph used to store the Gold Plates.  I also photographed the hearth where the plates were hid.  They removed the bricks, dug a hole, placed the plates in the hole, and then cover the hole with the bricks.

It amazes me that evil always draws its forces against truth.  We see it a lot today.  Granted, things like torture and being cruel to people is evil, I think the subversive evil that is more dangerous are those who try to subdue the truth.  Evil never wins, and truth always prevails.  The entire scene surrounding the mobsters attempts to obtain the plates is evidence of this.  It was their desire to stop Joseph Smith that lead to the heinous acts they committed.  Yet, in the end, even the murder of Joseph Smith did not stop the work from moving forward.  (Neither will the acts of evil people today who try to thwart the work.)

As soon as I got my photos taken, I was on the road for my lunch time meeting.  And, as soon as it was done, I came home for a short period of time before Elizabethe and I headed to the temple for our ward temple baptismal activity.

We had a nice evening at the temple.  All of our family names had been done, so we did some work for some other ward members.

After the temple, Bob Ingold and I went to give Bart Dahneke a blessing.  He had a run-in with a chainsaw.  Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but he was obviously in much pain.