I ran in to 4 young adults bicycling from Boston, Massachusetts, en route to Seattle, Washington, last night and again today.  Last night as I was walking through the village they were looking for a place to camp.  This morning, they were at the Port of Palmyra where they had camped.  They weren’t sure if that was okay, but everyone seemed to think it would be okay, so they spent the night there.

If you are cycling through Palmyra (we are on the Canalway Trail), you should consider staying at the Beckwith Mansion.  We are a tourist home and have overnight accommodations.  We will also provide you with a secure place to store your bicycles for the night.

Here is what we have to offer those cyclist bicycling across the State of New York:

  • Only a few hundred feet from the Canalway Trail (exit trail at Church Street coming from the east or Aqueduct Park if coming from the west)
  • Clean room and bed to sleep in
  • Bathroom (shared with 4 rooms, but seldom a problem schedule wise)
  • Use of the kitchen for meal preparation
  • Use of washer and dryer (you must provide your own soap)
  • Large outdoor deck to sit and enjoy the spacious grounds
  • Owner is a former bicycle mechanic and will loan you tools for repairs (truing stand and other specialty tools)
  • Walking (or riding) distance from restaurants (.25 miles) and grocery stores (.9 miles)
  • Post Office (.9 miles)
  • Walking distance from museums and historic sites
bicycling copyright 2014 db walton

Riding the Canalway Trail

Our rates are reasonable, and we give discounts for groups renting multiple rooms or for multiple nights.

For those who have never considered riding here, the Canalway Trail can take you from Buffalo, New York, to the Hudson River (about 360 miles).  Once there, it is an easy transition to get to New York City.  (There are plenty of options for getting your bicycle across the river in to NYC.  If you’re in to centuries, you can do Buffalo to NYC in 4 days basically.  If you’re more leisurely, take a week or two.  What ever you do, plan to spend a night with us at the Beckwith Mansion.

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