Wicked Wednesday

Wicked Wednesday

Some days are just to cram packed with things.  It isn’t like working a 9-5 job.  My meetings started at 8am and things didn’t end until 7pm.  Hence, to day was a wicked Wednesday.  Being self-employed is really tiring at times. Today’s board meeting for the chamber ended with some of the board members trying to update the calendar.  Our current system isn’t very user friendly.  The good news is we’re moving forward getting a quote on re-building the web site and moving the hosting.  YES!

The Rochester Referral Network (http://rocreferralnetwork.com/) has grown quite a bit.  It’s demographics are so different from the Tri-County Networkers (http://tricountynetworkers.com/).  Both are great groups — just demographically different.  We had a full house today while Gary from the Morse Family CSA presented with his son about their farm.

This only left a few hours in the afternoon for me to get caught up on e-mails and that sort of stuff.  By the time my late afternoon appointment arrived, I had already put in a full day of work.


A few days ago I posted some suggestions about visiting Palmyra, New York. (Click here if you missed it http://beckwithmansion.com/blog/2014/05/03/supposed-rain/ )  I’ve received some suggestions that should be added.

When you come to Palmyra, here is the shortest to-do list:

1)  Sacred Grove – Plan 1 hour for the tour of the log and frame homes and 2 hours for the Grove.  Bring insect repellent.  And, you’ll find once you get in the grove time will fly, and you may want to spend more time.  So, 3-4 hours.

2)  Hill Cumorah – Plan 1-2 hours.  You can drive to the top, but the walk up the north side is lovely and will give you an idea of what Joseph Smith might have seen.

3)  Alvin Smith’s Grave – 30 minutes.

4) Martin Harris Home – 30 minutes – it’s a stop and look – no tours

5)  E.B. Grandin Building (Book of Mormon Publication Site) – 2 hours.

5a) Historic Palmyra – Since you’re at the Grandin Building, when you are done make sure you visit the 5 other museums in Palmyra (ran by Historic Palmyra).  There is a charge of $5 per person, but well worth it.  One of the museums is a canal depot and you’ll see where they kept the mules, and learn more about the Canal, which by the way, made the printing of the Book of Mormon all possible.  Allow 2-3 hours.

5b)  Erie Canal – it’s right down at the end of Canal Street.  Go take a walk on the dock.  There’s also a very cool bike trail.  You can walk from there to the west to the Aqueduct Park, see Lock 29 (the lock itself — not the bar on Main Street), and there is an actual change bridge in the park.  Allow 1-2 hours if you take the walk.

6)  Palmyra Temple – 2-3 hours for a session

How’s that for an update?