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Palmyra Pharamcy

After doing a photo-shoot for the new Palmyra Pharmacy, I delivered a rack of my postcards to the store.  Those who are looking for a full inventory of my postcards, you will be able to find and purchase them at the new Palmyra Pharmacy.  The store opens on Monday, 9/23/2013.

The new store will have a variety of over-the-counter items as well as being able to handle prescriptions.  They also carry greeting cards and other convenience items.

The new store will be a nice anchor business for the Village of Palmyra.

How Much Wood Can a Woodchuck Chuck?

There was no break today.  From about 7:30am until about 9:30pm, I was working in some capacity or another.

I went to mow the lawn in the afternoon and guess what?  I bent a blade.  I noticed after bending the blade that the deck tilts to the right, and it is the right blade that seems to bite the dirt every time.

Thinking the tractor has a defect, I made arrangements for them to pick it up.  I then went to remove the deck so I could move the tractor.  It was then that I discovered the lifter cable had jumped the pulley.  So, I learned I need to check that before attaching the deck in the future.  Owning a lawn tractor can be expensive.

While mowing the lawn, the neighbor called me over to tell me he found a woodchuck hole.  I went to check it out and sure enough, there’s a hole under the wood pile (of course, where else.)

The neighbor loaned me a trap and I bated it with cabbage from the garden.  I figure this little guy is the reason my cabbage is gone.

Sure enough, in a few minutes I had caught this guy…

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Woodchuck Caught

He wasn’t too happy to be in that cage (you can see the cabbage to the left).  I had a meeting to go to, and he had food, so he would have to wait.

I came back from my meeting and he was laying there like he had given up any hope of getting out.  I picked up the trap and placed it in the trunk of the car.  We were going to go find him a new home.  I managed to find him a home in the woods far away from any house or businesses where it looked like he might enjoy life.  I opened the cage and he reluctantly walked out, and then realizing he was free, he made a scamper into the underbrush.

Ithaca Is Gorges is Their Motto

The Finger Lakes Professional Photographers had a small waterfall tour conducted by our own Monroe Payne of Ithaca Stock Photography.  We went to Buttermilk Falls, Ithaca Falls and then Taughanock Falls, followed by dinner at a nearby restaurant.

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Monroe Payne

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copyright 2013 db walton

Dick Rowe Taking a Photo of the Falls

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Taughanock Falls

copyright 2013 db walton

copyright 2013 db walton

A beautiful end to beautiful day.

Blue Montana Skies

The humidity in the air in eastern United States must be while the settlers called Montana “Sky Country”.  Normally, our sky is kind of a warm, cyan.  However, today the air was crisp and clear as shown by these photos…

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Since I was in the temple all morning, I figured I’d snap a few shots after the session.  I’m glad I did.

I went straight from the temple to my mission phone call, and after that, spent most of the time doing mission related work.  Then, it was back to the temple for the evening.

A young man was at the temple for his first time and it turns out, he is going to the same mission my eldest daughter went to – The California San Jose Mission.  It is also where Elizabethe’s eldest daughter lives.

Cold Drizzle

Last week, we had a 90 degree day.  Today, we have this cold drizzle that feels like a July in San Francisco, California.  It has that ocean fog feel.

We’ve been told we need to get a special permit for room guests, so we’re in the process of doing that.  So, we will be holding off on Pageant reservations until all the approvals are complete.   Those should be done by the first of November, so it’s not that far off.


Announced at Church

Bishop Taylor announced it at church that I’ve been called on a church service mission for 18 months as a photographer.  He then turned some time to me so I could tell members what that means.  I got a lot of response after church, both congratulations and questions, about my new calling.

Normally, we would feed the missionaries on Sunday night, but we had a dinner for the office staff at the temple.  I figured I would bring my camera as part of my new calling.  I brought it and managed to get a few photos, while Elizabethe got people to sign the releases.  (Yes, I have to get releases when taking pictures of church members for use by the church.)

I’ve had more people ask, “Where’s your name badge?”  And, I have to tell them, “It’s in the mail.”

Canaltown Days 2013

I woke this morning to the sound of the Towpath Drum and Fife Corps practicing.  It kinds of takes you back to the late 1700s as you think about the American Revolutionary War.

After a photo session for, I wandered to the village to see the car show.  It seems there were a lot more cars than previous years, and more people too.  The place was quite crowded.

Around 4pm, the parade started.  It was a great parade with a lot of participation.

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Assemblyman Oaks, Canaltown Days Parade


You can see more photos at under the client gallery.

Frozen Yogurt

For my first task as a church service missionary, I prepared a packet for each of the local church historic sites.  The packet introduces myself, and tells them the types of things I will be doing and how they can help at the various sites.  I took it to each of the sites:  Book of Mormon Publication Site, Hill Cumorah Visitor’s Center and the Welcome Center at the Smith Farm and Sacred Grove.  It felt odd introducing myself as, “Elder Walton”, again.

Someone asked, “Where’s your name tag.”  I had to explain it hasn’t arrived yet.  (Gotta love the U.S. Mail these days.)

Elizabethe and I hit CiCi’s Pizza for lunch.  After lunch, we went to pick up some food items, and as we did, we drove by Jerry’s new frozen yogurt shop.  (Jerry is the owner of Palmyra’s Happiness Garden Chinese Restaurant.)

If you are in Henrietta, his yogurt shop is on Henrietta Road near Jefferson (around the 3300 block).  They have about 20 different flavors and lots of toppings.  And, tomorrow, 9/14/2013, it is all 1/2 off!!!!

On a Mission

It’s official.  I’ve been called and set apart as a church service missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I will be serving as a photographer for the church creative department.  I will be serving from here, but not restricted as to where I can go to take pictures.  (I just have to pay my way.)

The interesting thing about the call is it will require assistance from other people.    I will need people to model and pose for pictures and scenarios.  Sometimes I will be on a timeline, other times, it will just be a matter of getting creative shots as I can.

For example, one of the urgent needs of the church are for pictures of Young Single Adults engaged in various activities.  The need pictures off all sorts. (And, there are some they have enough of.  I’ve got a list of both.)

Another activity they want me to do is to lead photo walks.  I will be organizing some church historic site photo walks.  I will be working to get the word out to local wards and stakes.

This is going to be fun.

Never Forget 9-11

I don’t think I will ever forget 9-11.  I was impressed after the attack how many people humbled themselves and turned to God in that time of crisis.  Now, they may remember 9-11, but the question is, do they remember their God?

I’m still moving data on my server.  Lightroom 5 is so very slow.  Adobe should have never released it.  It wasn’t ready for distribution as demonstrated by its slowness, frequent crashing, and other issues.

At the GRPP meeting tonight, our speaker talked about Search Engine Optimization.  What a can of worms.  I miss the old days when search engines crawled the web looking for anything and then posting it.  Now, it’s a fight to see who can be on the top of the list for any given keyword.