Design Flaw

I found the reason I keep bending mower blades is that the deck lifter cable had jumped the pulley on the right and the right blade would dig in on corners.  So, with new blades on the deck, I disassembled the pulley, routed the cable over the top, and reinstalled it.  Before I started I made sure the deck would rise and lower evenly.  It did, so I started mowing.

About my 2nd lap around the yard, I had an impression to check the deck.  The left went up when I raised it, but the right side did not raise.

I shut off the power to discover the cable had jumped the pulley again.  Putting on my engineering cap, I tried to figure out how I would re-design this mower to avoid this problem.  I can’t believe that I’m the only one with this Cub Cadet LTX 1042KW that has experienced this.  What the cable lacks is a tensioner.  When the wheels lift the mower deck, the cable can easily slip off and come down between the frame and pulley.  If this were a car, it would be recalled for this design flaw.

I managed to complete the lawn driving very slowly.  (Personally, I think you should be able to drive a mower at full speed without issue.)  But, we live and learn.  I know some of the things to look for the next time I buy a lawn tractor.