House Work Working on the House

After my one and only client today, I changed clothes and started working on the house.  There’s a lot of touch-up painting and patching to do.

Why is it paint never matches?  I know, it fades on the wall, but I never can seem to feather it in to the new paint tone.

Owning an old house I know what paints I won’t re-buy.  First, I won’t purchase Valspar again from Lowes.  It doesn’t cover very well.  It seems watered down.  Second, I won’t buy Sherwin Williams.  The previous owner used Sherwin Williams and its all cracking and peeling.  I have some Bear that was used on another project, and it seems to cover well and I haven’t seen any places painted with it peeling.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a paint guarantee meant they would come, scrape, and repaint for free?

Yeah, I’ve always laughed at paint guarantees.  They’ll give you the same paint if that paint fails in the warranty period.  Why would I want to do that?  Besides, you still have to repaint.  THEY should be the ones that have to repaint it.  Gotta love guarantees like that.  (Some will refund your money.  Hmmmm maybe I should try that with the Valspar from Lowes.  I think I have the receipts from that.)

They finally replaced the blade on the mower deck.

I tell you, it hasn’t been my week for home products.  I’ve had light bulbs with 10 year life burn out after 3 years.  I’ve had premium paint not cover the previous color, and I had to wait a week for a blade that should have been in stock.  (Yes, I went directly to the dealer.)

Looking on the bright side, all these things have given me a bit of a break during the week.  After all, I can’t mow the lawn with out a blade.